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BARACK OBAMA…MEANING: The first name Barack means “blessing.” (Oddly, in the Hebrew language, the same word, barak, means “lightning.” For the Bible significance, see Luke 10:18.) The senator’s middle name means “handsome.” But, the last name Obama does not come from Arabic. It comes from the Luo language. It means “crooked.” [1] Obama means “crooked,” “zigzag,” or “not in a straight line.” So, the meaning of his entire name — as it would be understood by diplomats from Africa or the Arab world is: “the blessing from the handsome one that is crooked.” So… is his name prophetic, or mere coincidence?

JOHN McCAIN….MEANING: “Son of Cain” Cain is the first murderer who killed Abel. Cain is also claimed to be the original illuminati bloodline!

Obama and McCain Are 22nd Cousins Descended From King Edward I of England!

More than 15 former American Presidents are also related to King Edward I. Once again we see generational genetic manipulation by high ranking illuminists. We also see that infamous number 22 again between the genetic linkings of Obama and McCain.

Once again, we see illuminati generational inbreeding occuring. This time it’s between Democratic candidate Barack Obama and Republican candidate John McCain. This comes as no suprise to readers at The conspiracy zone as we have told you all along how illuminati factions want to preserve their “Luciferian” bloodlines through intermarriage.

Before the last election we informed you that George Bush and John Kerry (Real last name Cohen) were in fact 6th cousins. Now this from CNN of all places:

For all their insistence on how unlike they are from one another, the three U.S. presidential candidates share some noteworthy family connections, the New England Historic Genealogical Society has found.

Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, who has made his opposition to the Iraq war a linchpin of his campaign, is distantly related not only to President George W. Bush but also to another wartime leader—former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Because of his shared ancestry with President Bush, Obama is also indirectly related to his rival on the Republican side, Sen. John McCain.

McCain, it turns out, is a sixth cousin of First Lady Laura Bush.

Meanwhile, defeated Sen. Hillary Clinton, is related to New age author Jack Kerouac, Canadian Prime Minster Pierre Trudeau and Camilla Parker-Bowles, wife of Prince Charles of England.

Clinton also shares ancestors with Grammy Award-winning singers Celine Dion and Madonna.

The senator won a Best Spoken Word Grammy for the audio version of her book, “It Takes a Village.” Rival Obama also snagged one in the same category for his book “The Audacity of Hope.”

“George Bush and Barbara Bush are Both from the British aristocratic Line. Both George Bush and Barbara Pierce Bush (of Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith) are descended from the same Pierce family of England as President Franklin Pierce … Bill Clinton and Bob Dole, who Opposed each other at the 1996 Presidential Election, are Distant Cousins … Bill Clinton , has more far more royal blood than Dole and is directly descended from the same bloodline as the House of Windsor, every Scottish Monarch, and King Robert I of France. George W. Bush and John Kerry are Related as Cousins As well as both being members of Yale’s Skull and Bones.”

Now, let us see the British bloodline from which Barack Obama and John McCain have descended.

“The two candidates also have very distant links to Princess Diana and President George Washington. Barack Hussein Obama, who many believe will become the 44th president, is kin to President George W. Bush, Senator Robert Byrd, Harry Truman and Dick Cheney. And you can add John McCain to the list of royally descended…and descended no less than from the same Scottish king as Obama. John McCain, the Republican presidential contender, and Barack Obama, his Democrat rival, are both descended from the same Scottish king.”

“According to research by an American genealogist, they share a common bloodline that can be traced to William I of Scotland, or William the Lion. It was disclosed last year that Mr Obama was a descendant of the monarch who ruled Scotland from 1165 to 1214, and his background and upbringing spans the globe. Senator McCain The former navy pilot and Vietnam veteran described his Scottish credentials in his autobiography, Faith of My Fathers … Gary Boyd Roberts, a senior research scholar at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, found that both Mr McCain and Mr Obama can trace their ancestry to Isabel, an illegitimate daughter of William the Lion.

Don’t Miss The Political Ticker Conservatives who sometimes accuse Democrats of being in bed with liberal Hollywood elites may have been handed one more round of ammunition by the Society’s findings.

Clinton, the Society said, is related to Angelina Jolie. And Obama is related to Jolie’s boyfriend Brad Pitt. Watch a report on the candidates’ family trees and other news »

The New England Historic Genealogical Society, founded in 1845, says it is the oldest such organization in the country. Members spent three years tracing the lineage of the candidates.

Among its other findings:

McCain, the Vietnam War veteran who spent five years as a prisoner of war, descends from a long line of kings: Scottish King William the Lion, English King Edward I and French King Louis VII.

Obama, the son of a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Kenya.

He is cousins with six U.S presidents, including Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman and Gerald Ford. He is also linked to American artist Georgia O’Keefe, the Duchess of Windsor and two men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Most surprisingly, Obama, the man who could become America’s first African-American president, (We at The conspiracy zone suspect he’s really Arabic, but more on that later), is linked by ancestry to Robert E. Lee, who commanded the armies of the Southern slave-holding states during the American civil war.

As it turns out, 35 of the past U.S. Presidents are related to King Alfred and Charlemagne. We at The Conspiracy Zone also have it on good information that Barack Obama is a 33rd degree Mason as well. More on that in an upcoming article. What’s the purpose of all this? Once again, to give rise to the New World Order through the illuminati bloodlines and finally reveal the biblical antichrist to the world. BE PREPARED!

Barack Obama was born in Kenya—-NOT Hawaii! Here’s all the proof you should need:

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JESSIE VENTURA “I believe very strongly that if an independent candidate like myself – a rogue – were to get into the President’s race legitimately, if the polls looked like he had a chance to win, I believe that candidate would either be physically assassinated or would be assassinated credibility-wise or in some manner by our government because I do not believe they would ever allow a true independent or a citizen to become President of the United States,” said Ventura.

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