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Today, it is without any doubt that there had been more than one gunmen. In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations confirmed this officially. The Committee went through a series of changes and turmoil among its members and staff, but in the end actually accomplished more than the Warren Commission had done in seeking the truth.

The Committee concluded that there was a conspiracy to kill the president. It placed the blame on organized crime. The Committee concluded that four shots were fired at the president, not the three the Warren Commission claimed. At least one Committee member, Congressman Christopher Dodd, said he believed the evidence indicated that three gunmen fired at the president.

The very basic evidence for this conclusion was a tape recording that day in Dallas through an open dictabelt microphone of a motorcycled Police officer. In examinations, experts stated that there has been at least four shots and with “virtual certainty” a second gunman.

Further examinations showed, that this gunman had to be behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll.

Blow-ups of photos and films showed suspicious figures behind and around the picket fence (Badgeman, Black Dog Man, James Files wearing a hat) and in the second floor of the Dal Tex Building. Suspicious figures had been arrested behind the Grassy Knoll and photographed (THE THREE TRAMPS).

But the “official” records of these arrests were lost. But we now know who they were as we cover next in PART EIGHT.

So now, in a plot twist so strange it defies reason. In the late 80’s former FBI informant Zack Shelton (ABOVE, shown here with George “The Criminal” Bush), found out about a man named Joe West who was leading a campaign to exhume Kennedy’s body. Shelton got in touch with West and told him about a man named James Files who was in an Illinois prison who had first hand knowledge of the killing of President Kennedy. Joe West finally got in touch with Files and the two developed mutual respect.

Joe West was then hospitalized and dies. It was suspected that West was murdered. Bob Vernon took over the investigation. When Vernon told James Files of the incident, Files said “bring in your cameras tomorrow because I have a story to tell.” Files went into his role into the assassination in depth. (Below) Lee Harvey Oswald took the picture of James Files, even though Oswald was NOT involved in the assassination.

The actual mechanics (assassins) who fired at Kennedy on November 22, 1963 were under the command of Sam Giancana.


He was 21 years old when he fired a shot from behind the picket fence in front of Kennedy’s limousine. The above picture was taken in 1963. We have included a picture of him here with a fedora hat he claimed he was wearing when he fired. He is seen here with an Gary Eugene Marlow, the man who was the one who actually killed officer Tippit. (ABOVE RIGHT).

(BELOW) Marlow is pictured here on the left and James Files is on the right. Marlow passed away in 2007.

(BELOW) Here is another picture of Marlow….

Files explains what happened to officer Tippit.

He says Giancana sent someone, (Marlow) to Tenth and Patton, to kill Oswald. Tippet pulled over next to Marlow, (thinking it was Oswald). Tippit tried to make Marlow get in the car so Marlow drilled Tippet three times with his pistol.


More evidence that Oswald could not be the man who murdered J.D. Tippit:

Of course Oswald was in the theater the whole time because he got there at 1:07.

(BELOW). This is what James Files looks like today. He actually was only supposed to fire if everyone else missed. His boss was Charles Nicoletti who was also a shooter that day. Nicoletti actually was upset with Files for firing claiming he “over-reacted”. Let’s listen to files explaining that the “hit” was just another job to him.

Through a lengthy interview, taped in 2003, Files gave the following account of the chain of events that occurred in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, NOTE: In the photo (BELOW), Kennedy was hit literally 2 seconds after this photo was taken..

One evening in the spring of 1963, Files was playing a pinball machine (gambling type), when Mr. Nicoletti approached him and said they were going to go for a drive. During that drive, Mr. Nicoletti revealed a plan to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. This plan had come from collaboration between the CIA and the Chicago Mob boss Sam Giancana, and the job had been delegated to Mr. Nicoletti. In the months leading up to the assassination, several locations were considered, including Chicago. Ultimately, Dallas, Texas had been chosen as the location of the hit.

At this point, Files had not been considered as a shooter in the coming assassination. He was assigned only as an aide to Mr. Nicoletti in weapon arrangements and to survey the location. A week before the assassination, Files drove into Dallas and stayed at the Lamplighter Motel in Mesquite, Dallas, where he called Mr. Nicoletti as well as David Atlee Phillips (who he claims was his “controller”). He claims that the next morning Lee Harvey Oswald (who shared the same “controller”) showed up at the hotel.

Over the next five days, Files and Oswald spent the days together (a picture, which Files says was taken by Oswald, can be found here). Files claims that he and Oswald went to an empty field to test fire the weapons and calibrate the scopes that were to be used on President Kennedy, and that Oswald was picking up the shells as Files fired them. He also claims that he and Oswald never spoke of the assassination the entire time.

Two days before the assassination, Mr. Nicoletti arrived in Dallas and told Files that Johnny Roselli had flown in as part of a CIA abort team to call off the hit, but said that he was going ahead with the hit anyway. He then asked Files, since Johnny Roselli would no longer be the other assassin, if Files would like to be a backup shooter, to which Files agreed. Files states this is how he became the other gunman. When Files had volunteered as the backup shooter, he was given specific guidelines by Mr. Nicoletti:

1. He was not to fire unless absolutely necessary

2. He was not to harm Jacqueline Kennedy

3. They were going for a headshot, and he was to fire only if there had been no headshot.

Following these guidelines, Files chose to use a 1962 prototype bolt-action Remington XP-100 “Fireball” given to him by CIA agent David Atlee Phillips. The location he chose for cover was the infamous “grassy knoll”. He states that he was wearing a “reversible” jacket to look like a railway worker, and that he kept the Remington XP-100 “Fireball”, as well as specially-made “mercury rounds” in a small suitcase. (BELOW).

Files states that he had loaded a special wax-tipped mercury round into the Remington XP-100 “Fireball”, and waited in the rail yard for President Kennedy. When President Kennedy came into view, he claims that he was aiming for President Kennedy’s right eye in his scope when he was coming down Elm St. When shots started, he began counting the shots as misses, and had to take the shot as instructed if no headshot had been made.

This is roughly the view Files would have had:

When no headshot had been made, he claims he took his shot, and that his shot was the fatal bullet that took President Kennedy’s life. Afterwards, he packed the gun in the suitcase, bit the shell casing, left it sitting on the stockade fence, and walked away. He claims that he walked to an arranged meeting place (a car garage) where Charles Nicoletti and Johnny Roselli were waiting for him. Files drove them to a gas station to drop them off, and he drove back to Chicago.

Files’ statements & claims:

Files has been taped in two interviews:

1994: Interview with Bob Vernon (preview)

2003: Interview with Jim Marrs & Wim Dankbaar.

During these two interviews, Files has made the following statements:

His real name is James Sutton, which he changed to James Files in 1963.

He had been employed as an agent in the CIA following his discharge from the military.

He had known Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the assassination.

Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire any rifle during the assassination.

The other shooter was Charles Nicoletti, who was firing from the Dal-Tex building.

Jack Ruby was in Dealey Plaza during the assassination.

Johnny Roselli flew to Dallas as part of a CIA “abort team” to call off the assassination.

On the morning of the assassination he met with Johnny Roselli and Charles Nicoletti.

Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill Officer J.D. Tippit.

He bit a gun shell casing & left it on the grassy knoll following the fatal shot.

His shot & Nicoletti’s shot hit President Kennedy’s head within a split second of each other.

His shot was a custom-made wax-tipped mercury-filled round.

He & Oswald spent a few days together prior to the assassination.

He never confessed his involvement until 1994.

He did not voluntarily give his story, until the FBI gave him up.

As a matter of fact, here is a letter Files wrote this year to author Pamela Ray. Please click here as we want to give credit to Pamela Ray and give her credit from her comments below this article and make sure she is given credit. (below).


James Files May 2008

“My name is James Files and I’d like to make a brief statement to be posted on this website to clear up a few things and to get the facts straight.

I was involved in The JFK Assassination, and the FBI has known about my involvement since 1964. It was the FBI that gave Joe West the information about me and my involvement in the Kennedy Assassination. Why they did this, I do not know.

Joe West made contact with me and then come to visit me and we became friends over a period of time. However, Joe West died before his agenda was completed. Joe West developed heart problems, had surgery, was recovering and was doing very well. How ever, he died shortly there after. I was informed by a by a reliable source from back East., that Joe’s medication had been tampered with and I was assured that Joe West had been murdered in order for his court case to die, where he was doing all within his power to have John F. Kennedy’s body exhumed.

When Joe West informed me that he was already in court trying to get JFK’s body exhumed, I explained to Joe West that his body was not burned (buried) at Arlington. I also explained to Joe West that he should enter new evidence in order to have a chance at getting the body exhumed. I explained to Joe West that the “Round that struck Kennedy in the head was a “Mercury Round” and that the trace of the “Mercury” would still be present, as Mercury takes forever to go away. So, there would still be a trace of mercury on the skull.

When Joe West died, I thought that the whole investigation would die with Joe’s Passing. However, this is where Robert Vernon enters the picture. Bob Vernon wants to complete Joe’s work to help his widow out. I did not intend to give an interview. It took Bob Vernon a couple of years to get me to agree to it. One of the biggest mistakes in my life that I have ever made. Had I not given this interview, I would have been a free man years ago. My first video, “Confession Of An Assassin,” released through “MPI” was to be my final interview.

I do not trust people to honor their word on anything at all. There is One man in The Free world that I trust and this man has always kept his word, for he is a man of much honor. He is also my longest living friend and knows more about me than any other living human being. His name is Bruce P. Brychek. This man has never, not one time has broken his word to me about anything.

I have no ill feelings about the people I have dealt with who failed to keep their word with me. I just know not to do business with them again. As a person, they are nice to sit and chat with. But if they make you a promise, forget about it, they’ll never keep it.

I wish to thank Ms. Ray for her hard work and for her being loyal to me through out the long years of getting the books to market, which at times seemed like a never ending project. She has endured a great deal of injustice and has been ridiculed for her association with me. I thank Ms. Ray for her hard work, her loyalty and most of all her kindness and friendship and for believing in me. Thank You Ms. Ray”.... James Files N—14006 Sent from Stateville prison Joliet, Illinois

Here’s Pamela Ray’s response to an internet site on a picture they published showing Files behind the picket fence.

“The image you posted here sure looks like the early version of the Remington Fireball coming over the picket fence. ”


“P.S. The cropped Moorman photo was cut off by the person standing on the stairs on the grassy knoll closest to Elm Street. Part of this man’s body is in the picture but the right arm and leg are not in this version of the photo I showed Files for comment in 1999. ”

May 25, 1999 James Files to Pamela Ray:

The picture they show of someone behind the fence is so fuzzy; I can’t tell if it’s a man or a shadow. So I can’t really say if it’s a picture of me or not. And who believes me besides you? A lot of people. I’ve had several offers to do books, (this is over one year before he asked me if I would write To Kill A Country with him September 6, 2000), interviews, etc, etc, but I’m not really interested in any of that. I told them to keep their money.

You may find this hard to believe, but I’ve read very little about the assassination. I know that those who have wrote about it don’t know squat about what they’re writing about. Everyone has their own idea and that is fine. But they are only guessing and trying to put together a story that will sell, so they can make a few bucks. I take it you’ve read a great deal about the assassination so maybe you can answer these questions for me. O.K….

Have you ever read in any of the books and ran across some of these names? And these are only a few. Such as Twombly or Kendal. How ‘bout Chauncey Holt? How about Pete Licavoli or his ranch in Arizona called Grace Ranch? Maybe you’ve heard of Leo Morceri, he was a friend of Nicoletti’s and mine. There’s many more questions that I could ask you, but I won’t trouble you with them. Someday, maybe I’ll finish telling the rest of the story. I just don’t want to harm anyone and give them major problems. I think you can understand that.

I’m enclosing a few things you might find interesting. A photo of the shell casing that I spoke of and a copy of the agreement Bob Vernon and Oliver Stone tried to get me to sign when Stone was here making the movie “Natural Born Killers.” I met with Stone at least four times, he kept trying to get me to sign and let him put me on film. I told him NO WAY with a few extra words added. Ha-ha…I just didn’t like Stone. I’m also enclosing in a separate envelope a letter just declassified about a year ago from the NSA. You might find it interesting also. Certain people thought I wrote it some years ago.”

(BELOW) The infamous Mary Moorman photo:

Here’s where we believe the correct position is for James Files… (BELOW):

And Here:

Here, minutes after the shooting, is an unidentified policeman is standing in the same spot behind the picket fence that onlookers (in the foreground) claimed the shots originated….

Below, is a transcript of an FBI interview with James Files from 1993:


Date of transcription 8/16/93

JAMES FILES (assumed name), aka James Earl Sutton (true name), date of birth January 24, 1942, place of birth Oakman, Alabama, social security account number: 323-34-9241, (under the name JAMES FILES), ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS number N14006, was interviewed at the STATEVILLE CORRECTIONAL CENTER, Joliet, Illinois, wherein the following was discussed:

At the onset of the interview, FILES stated that through conversation with Attorney DON IRVIN, he understood that he was to be interviewed by the FBI but that the interview would be conducted in the presence of IRVIN. FILES was told that Agents were unaware of any arrangements made in that regard.

FILES expressed his desire to talk to the FBI but stated his reluctance to submit to an interview without IRVIN being present. FILES also advised that he wanted a grant of immunity before submitting to an interview. FILES advised that in the unlikely event he won his appeal, he didn’t want exposure to additional charges.

Agents told FILES that Agents were not authorized to grant him immunity and that such a procedure was the responsibility of the U.S. Attorney. Agents further told FILES that immunity grants are not extended by the U.S. Attorney to individuals without some logical foundation.

Agents further told FILES that IRVIN had provided information to the FBI that indicated he (FILES) had personal knowledge concerning the assassination of JOHN F. KENNEDY (JFK). Agents then told FILES that a review of his (FILES’) information as provided by IRVIN determined that his (FILES’) recollections were in significant contradiction to the WARREN COMMISSION report. Agents told FILES That the findings of the WARREN COMMISSION report had been accepted by the government as an accurate factual account of the JFK assassination.

Investigation on 8/9/93 at Joliet, Illinois File # 62-0 by SAs Robert C. PECORARO & WAYNE F. ZYDRON:kf Date dictated 8/9/93

Continuation of FD-302 of JAMES FILES, On 8/9/93, Page 2

Agents then told FILES that Agents further understood from IRVIN that he (FILES) was cognizant of his contradictions with the WARREN COMMISSION findings and that he (FILES) wanted to make available the “true story” of the JFK assassination out of respect to the deceased JOE WEST.

Agents told FILES that in view of his obvious conflicts with the WARREN COMMISSION findings, he would unlikely be afforded subsequent opportunities for interview by the FBI or the U.S. Attorney in regard to the JFK assassination unless he established his credibility with the government. FILES was told that credibility could sometimes be established through corroboration of facts furnished by an individual during an interview. Agents told FILES that the purpose of the interview was to obtain additional information from him in an effort to establish him as a credible person rather than to build a murder case on him. FILES was told that the JFK assassination took place almost 30 years ago and it would take extraordinary corroboration to make recollections credible in view of the WARREN COMMISSION findings.

Agents told FILES that should he decide to answer questions, it would need to be a voluntary action on his part. FILES was repeatedly told that no immunity grant or any other guarantees or promises could be extended to him should he decide to be interviewed. In response, FILES stated that he would voluntarily answer questions but would not admit to any murders.

Agents asked FILES to state his true name and background information. FILES advised that his true name was JAMES EARLY SUTTON but that sometime in 1963, he assumed the name of JAMES FILES and has been known as JAMES FILES ever since. FILES recalled that sometime in the late 1940s he moved to the Chicago metropolitan area with his mother, VERA BRASSEAL, and advised that he is divorced to FAITH FILES, age 50, who was last known to reside in Glendale Heights, Illinois. FILES stated that he had two children from his marriage, KATHLEEN, age 26 and SHAWNN, age 17. FILES recalled that KATHLEEN was last known to reside in Chrystal Lake, Illinois, and SHAWNN in Melrose Park, Illinois.

Continuation of FD-302 of JAMES FILES, On 8/9/93, Page 3

Agents made reference to his (FILES’) military service in the U.S. Army and asked FILES to summarize his military career. FILES recalled that he joined the U.S. Army under the last name of SUTTON. He said he was afforded basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood and Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) at Ft. Polk. FILES recalled that after AIT, he volunteered for airborne training and was afforded airborne training at both Ft. Bragg and Ft. Benning. FILES advised that he was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division.

Agents asked FILES to describe his airborne training. FILES recalled that airborne school was six to eight weeks in duration and that he made four jumps-including one night jump. FILES recalled that airborne school consisted of significant classroom instruction before he made his jumps. FILES also recalled that while in airborne school, he was afforded “Crash Courses” in the Chinese, Laotian and Russian languages. When asked to recall anything eventful (either rewarding or distasteful) about airborne school, FILES was unable to articulate anything in that regard.

FILES recalled that after airborne school, he was briefly stationed in San Diego (California), Okinawa and Viet Nam before deployment to Laos. FILES recalled that in Laos, he held the rank of “Spec 4” (Specialist Fourth Class) and was assigned to a Special Advisory Group. FILES recalled that his group specialized in small arms weapons and “mechanical” ambushes.

Agents asked FILES to state details over his shooting of two U.S. soldiers in Laos. FILES stated his refusal to admit to the shooting but stated that he was charged for the shooting. FILES recalled that he was afforded a preliminary court martial hearing somewhere in Southeast Asia and was assigned to Ft. Meade, Maryland, to await his court martial. FILES then recalled that he was then transferred to the HINES VETERAN HOSPITAL, Maywood, Illinois, for psychological related treatment.

FILES then recalled that at HINES, he was visited by DAVID ATLEE PHILLIPS who identified himself as some kind of “controlled” for the CIA. FILES recalled that PHILLIPS asked him to train people in the use of military arms and tactics. FILES recalled that upon accepting PHILLIPS’ offer, PHILLIPS “signed him out” of HINES. FILES assumed that PHILLIPS or the CIA handled his discharge from the Army.

Continuation of FD-302 of JAMES FILES, On 8/9/93, Page 4

FILES then recalled that following his release from HINES, PHILLIPS arranged a brief stay for him at a “sleazy” motel in Miami (Florida) where after, he was sent to a camp in the Florida Everglades. FILES recalled that from November 1960 until April 1961, he was part of a group of 10 Americans-including FRANK STURGIS, who trained a military force of 350 Cubans at that camp. FILES advised that he was qualified as an “Expert” with the M14 rifle in the Army and taught “grenades” and “mechanical” ambushes to the Cubans. FILES recalled that he was paid a salary of $300.00 per month in cash by PHILLIPS.

FILES described PHILLIPS as a white male, 6’ tall, slim build, 30 years of age (circa 1960). FILES recalled that PHILLIPS had the nickname “The Eagle” at the camp in the Florida Everglades.

FILES recalled that after the Cuban soldiers were killed, he (FILES) went briefly to Atlanta (Georgia) where he “partied” with liquor and women. FILES then recalled that he returned to Melrose Park, Illinois, where he “ran guns” from Maywood, Illinois, to Clinton, Louisiana. FILES recalled that the guns were .45 caliber machine guns made by KNOXVILLE ARMS. FILES advised that PHILLIPS paid him $300.00 per month to transport guns to Clinton, Louisiana, and deliver the guns to LEE HARVEY OSWALD. FILES recalled he made several trips to Clinton, Louisiana, to deliver guns to OSWALD.

Agents asked FILES if the aforementioned LEE HARVEY OSWALD was the same LEE HARVEY OSWALD who shot KENNEDY. In response, FILES sated (sic) that OSWALD did not shoot KENNEDY. FILES adamantly disputed the fact that OSWALD shot KENNEDY and made reference to the fac that OSWALD tested negative on a paraffin test.

Agents then made reference to CHUCK NICOLETTI and his (FILES’) relationship with Chicago mobsters. In response, FILES furnished Agents with three pages containing numerous handwritten names. FILES advised that the names were of Chicago mobsters with whom he had familiarity. Agents subsequently examined the above material and noticed that the names were arranged in alphabetical order and that most names were names of Chicago hoodlums that have been identified by the Chicago media as having association with the Chicago mob.

Continuation of FD-302 of JAMES FILES, On 8/9/93, Page 5

Agents then furnished FILES with a handwritten list of names. FILES was told that this list contained names of Chicago mobsters known to have been associated with NICOLETTI. It is noted that unbeknownst to FILES, some of the names were derivative names of FBI employees. FILES was asked if he had known LEE FABRIZIO (FBI employee). Agents represented FABRIZIO as a close associate of NICOLETTI. FILES stated that he had heard of FABRIZIO but never met him. FILES also stated vague familiarity with individuals known as JOE GIARRUSSO, MIKE PAVIA, PATRICK SCALZETTI and DOMINICK PEZOLI (all FBI derivative names) but could not recall ever meeting them.

Agents made reference to the names “DING DONG” and AL TOCO which appeared on FILES’ list. FILES advised that DING DONG was a Chicago mobster who was murdered. FILES recalled that TOCO (true name Albert ROCCO) was “over” BILLY DAUBER. FILES advised that he was involved in chop shops in the 1970s and that he once met DAUBER in Crete, Illinois, where DAUBER demanded 1/3 of “everything”. At the time, FILES recalled that he was chopping 30 cars per week.

Agents asked FILES if he had familiarity with individuals named CLARENCE CROCKETT, GUY BILLS and CHARLEY “The Greek” SOTERAS. FILES stated that none of the above individuals were familiar to him.

Agents asked FILES to name the “street crew” to which NICOLETTI belonged and also name some of the members of NICOLETTI’s street crew. In response, FILES advised that the Chicago mob was not made up of different “families”. In response, FILES was told that Agents were cognizant of that fact but knew that the Chicago mob were loosely organized into “street crews”. FILES was unable to articulate about NICOLETTI’s street crew affiliates with the exception that he had association with SAM GIANCANNA.

FILES was asked to describe his association with NICOLETTI. FILES advised that he chauffeured NICOLETTI around the Chicago area. FILES re called that they drove around in NICOLETTI’s cars. FILES recalled driving NICOLETTI at least a dozen times. FILES further recalled driving NICOLETTI to bakeries in the suburbs. FILES recalled driving in NICOLETTI’s black 1960 Ford, white 1961 Chevrolet and black 1962 Chevrolet.

Continuation of FD-302 of JAMES FILES, On 8/9/93, Page 6

Agents asked FILES if he had driven NICOLETTI to places where NICOLETTI met other mobsters. FILES was unable to recall any details in that regard. FILES then remarked that he recalled an occasion when NICOLETTI “popped” somebody while they were driving together on Lake Shore Drive (Chicago). FILES refused to furnish any details in regard to this incident.

FILES recalled that he did not have telephone service at his Melrose Park residence. FILES recalled that NICOLETTI usually contacted him at the HARLO GRILL where he (FILES) had frequented to play “pin-ball”. At the time, FILES recalled that he drove a yellow/green colored 1955 Pontiac.

Agents asked FILES to furnish his physical description during that time period. FILES furnished Agents with a colored photograph of a white male, medium build with short black hair. FILES stated that the photograph was taken of him during the above time period. Physical observation of FILES reflects that FILES is a white male, approximately 5’11” tall, long white hair and medium build.

Agents asked FILES to name persons who could verify his relationship with NICOLETTI. FILES named JERRY ESPOSITO, COSMO IASCO, DOMINICK CIMINO, RONNIE BELL, RUPI REGO, KENNY LARRY, STEVE ANSELMO, JOE BUA and MARSHAL CAIFANO as some of the individuals who could verify his relationship with NICOLETTI.

FILES, when asked by Agents, stated that he did not know the identity of the individual(s) who murdered NICOLETTI.

Agents then made reference to the JFK assassination. FILES stated that NICOLETTI told him that he (NICOLETTI) got the contract to “hit” KENNEDY from SAM GIANCANNA. FILES then advised that before KENNEDY was shot, he (FILES), at the request of NICOLETTI, transported guns and hand grenades in a car from Chicago to Dallas, Texas.

FILES advised that he heard NICOLETTI and an individual he knew as JOHNNY ROSELLI, plan the assassination of KENNEDY.

Agents asked FILES if he actually saw NICOLETTI shoot KENNEDY. FILES stated that he did not actually see NICOLETTI shoot KENNEDY. FILES added that since NICOLETTI planned the

Continuation of FD-302 of JAMES FILES, On 8/9/93, Page 7

assassination and was there by the DAL-TEX building, he knows that NICOLETTI was the one who shot at KENNEDY.

SA ZYDRON then read in verbatim to FILES the following excerpt of the report previously furnished to the FBI by attorney IRVIN:

“When the motorcade came through FILES was on the knoll behind the fence and under the limbs of a tree. As KENNEDY’s limo approached, FILES began hearing shots from behind the President.

He had KENNEDY in his telescopic sight. He knew that one of the shots had hit KENNEDY in the back but was not necessarily a fatal hit. FILES, while having KENNEDY in his cross hairs as the limo was moving, said to himself upon hearing each shot “miss, miss, miss, miss”. At this point FILES was concerned that NICOLETTI would not kill KENNEDY. The car was passing in his field of vision, so that Mrs. KENNEDY would soon be lined up behind the President. FILES’ instructions had always been that in a hit no innocent parties were to be harmed. FILES was afraid that if he shot any later that he would shoot Mrs. KENNEDY as well as the President. He made the decision to go ahead and shoot even though “CHUCKIE” was still apparently shooting. He fired and his shot hit KENNEDY on the right front temple between the ear and the eye with the bullet exiting the rear of the head. At almost the same instant of this shot “CHUCKIE” hit KENNEDY in the left rear top of the head. FILES saw Mrs. KENNEDY climb to the back of the limo and pick up a section of the President’s head. He was also aware at this time that CONNALLY had been hit.”

Agents asked FILES to comment about the accuracy of the statement. In response, FILES expressed displeasure over IRVIN providing the statement to the FBI. FILES advised that he would only admit that the statement was accurate as to the actions of NICOLETTI and ROSSELLI. FILES added that he was concerned over his exposure to additional charges.

Agents asked FILES to explain the discrepancy contained in the above excerpted statement and what he said during this interview-namely, that statement indicated that he (FILES) saw NICOLETTI shoot at KENNEDY where during this interview, he (FILES) admitted that he did not actually see NICOLETTI shoot KENNEDY. FILES did not provide an explanation in that regard.

Continuation of FD-302 of JAMES FILES, On 8/9/93, Page 8

Agents asked FILES if any people were near him while he openly displayed his .222 pistol with scope on the grassy knoll in DEALEY PLAZA. FILES recalled that there were other people in the area.

Agents asked FILES to describe his feelings after he (FILES) shot KENNEDY. When FILES failed to respond, Agents asked if he felt good, bad, indifferent or even feared getting caught by the FBI. FILES did not provide an explanation in that regard except for stating that he (FILES) hated KENNEDY for not providing air support for the Cubans in the Bay of Pigs.

Agents asked FILES if he would submit to a polygraph examination in regard to the KENNEDY assassination. FILES stated he would refuse to take a polygraph examination.

Agents asked FILES to state his motive for revealing his knowledge of the KENNEDY assassination after almost 30 years had transpired. FILES stated that he was contacted by JOE WEST who said he (WEST) was referred to him by an unnamed FBI Agent. FILES recalled that WEST told him that an FBI Agent said FILES previously took him (FBI Agent) on a tour in Dallas and told him (FBI Agent) about the KENNEDY assassination. FILES denied talking to any FBI Agent in that regard. FILES added that until this interview, he could not recall having any discussions of substance with any FBI Agent.

FILES then advised that he wanted a grant of immunity because WEST had expressed his intent to subpoena him before the grand jury investigating the KENNEDY assassination. FILES reiterated his concern of exposure to additional charges following a possible favorable appeal to his current conviction.

Agents asked FILES if he expected any consideration in exchange for his information relating to the KENNEDY assassination. FILES stated he did not expect or want any consideration for his information. FILES stated he was not concerned if anyone ever learned about his information on the KENNEDY assassination.

Agents told FILES that IRVIN’s report indicated that FILES had possible information in regard to other murders. FILES stated that he would not provide information that could put anyone in jail. FILES expressed concern that the mob could retaliate against him by harming his daughters who reside in the Chicago area.

Continuation of FD-302 of JAMES FILES, On 8/9/93, Page 9

FILES denied that he was interviewed and/or sought interview with the media in an effort to publicize his recollections of the KENNEDY assassination.

At the conclusion of the interview, FILES was told that Agents would report the results of the interview to their headquarters.

It is noted that when FILES was made available for interview, he carried several items of written material. A quick review of this material revealed it to be correspondence between FILES and JOE WEST and written material in regard to the KENNEDY assassination.

Next is a recent picture of James Files as he looks today, (BELOW) as he serves time in an Illinois prison for a completely different charge. It is almost without question that James Files and Charles Nicoletti were true assassins of the President…many of the rest may be conjecture other than Files and Nicoletti…but let’s take a look at them.


It is virtually a certainty Nicoletti fired a shot most likely from the second or third floor of Dal-Tex building that hit the president in the head a split second before James Files. (BELOW).

He also is probably the one who fired the shot that missed the motorcade completely which hit the curb that sent debris flying which struck bystander James Teague.

Here’s his most likely location. You can see where the blinds in the window have been cut out and possibly the window broken as well (Click to enlarge). Point: The third floor of the Daltex building is also where Jim Braden, the only professional criminal to be arrested in Dealey Plaza that day, was discovered.

BELOW is another possible firing spot:

The bogus official story is that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and did the shooting from a 6th story window in the Book Depository – circled in black. However, the Dal-Tex building had an even better line of sight and I’ve circled the window area in yellow two other possibilities where Nicoletti could have fired from the building as looks today. In all, three of those corner windows are a possibility for the Nicoletti shots. (BELOW)

Charles Nicoletti was a leading figure in the Mafia in Chicago. He worked under Tony Accardo and Sam Giancana and got the reputation as an effective contract killer. He was also involved in the CIA plots to overthrow Fidel Castro in Cuba.

According to James Files, Nicoletti was one of the gunmen who took part in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

On 29th March, 1977, Charles Nicoletti was murdered in Chicago. He had been shot three times in the back of the head. George De Mohrenschildt died the same day. Both men were due to appear before the Select House Committee on Assassinations where they were to be asked about their involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The other two men (Nicoletti and Moceri) were longtime associates of Peter Licavoli. Both of whom had been involved in Cuban politics and had been involved with Jimmy Hoffa. Although it wasn’t common knowledge was that Hoffa was involved in Cuban politics up to his neck.

EDITORS NOTE: While it’s a virtual certainty that James Files and Charles Nicoletti were two of the assassins, there may have been one or at most two other shooters. Below are some possibilities of who they may be:



The History Channel did a special on who they thought shot the President from the grassy Knoll. They identified him as Luciano Sartis (Badgeman): (BELOW).

Sartis looks like he was dressed as a policeman when he possibly fired at the motorcade,(BELOW). It’s not conclusive but I do believe that is possible but considering the angle he fired from it indicates that if a shot was fired from that location, he actually MISSED! He was standing about 30 feet to the left of James Files. Most experts dispute the fact that the photograph shows a man firing a rifle. The most credible evidence shows it might be a trick of light and that the badgeman is nothing more than a soda bottle sitting on the retaining wall. It is our opinion that badgeman really is nothing but a shadow in the Moorman photo…In spite of Howard Hunt’s assertion.

We have included a picture that looks like Sartis in a police uniform where you can actually see a mussel blast from from a blowup of the Moorman picture. We’ve included a snapshot of Sartis as well. Sartis was killed in Mexico City in 1972. NOTE: On Howard Hunts deathbed he told his son that Sartis did fire a shot.

Lucien Sarti worked for the French-Corsican heroin trafficker and convicted Nazi collaborator, Auguste Joseph Ricord. It was claimed by the journalist Stephen Rivele, that Antoine Guerini organized the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. According to his contact, Christian David, the killing was carried out by Sarti and two other members of the Marseilles mob. It is believed Sarti fired from behind the wooden fence on the grassy knoll. The first shot was fired from behind and hit Kennedy in the back. The second shot was fired from behind, and hit John Connally. The third shot was fired from in front, and hit Kennedy in the head. The fourth shot was from behind and missed.

Lucien Sarti was officially killed by Mexican police in Mexico City on 27th April, 1972. His death was not reported in the United States at the time. However, it was in France’s leading newspaper, Le Monde. It reported that the killing of Sarti was the result of a “close Mafia-police-Narcotics Bureau collaboration” in the United States to “shatter Corsican influence in the worldwide narcotics traffic, and create a virtual monopoly for the U.S.-Italian Mafia connection, whose key figure was Santo Trafficante.”


Wallace was a hitman for Lyndon Johnson that had killed at least four people previously. He may have fired from a window in the School Book Depository that hit Connelly in the wrist. Not from the alleged snipers nest but from the Western most window on the 5th or 6th floor. His fingerprints were found on boxes in the depository. It seems unlikely a hitman with his experience would leave fingerprints by “accident” so it is possible he intentionally left behind his prints to confuse the issue and never actually fired a shot. Here’s a good link: LBJ MURDERED KENNEDY

Malcolm Wallace, convicted in a 1951 murder and suspected in others, has been linked to the 1961 death of U.S. Department of Agriculture investigator Henry Marshall. Marshall was reportedly close to connecting Lyndon Johnson to fraudulent activities involving businessman and convicted swindler Billy Sol Estes.

Estes alleged in 1984 that LBJ ordered the killings of Marshall, President Kennedy, and half a dozen others, and that Wallace carried them out. A grand jury decided that same year that Henry Marshall was murdered as a result of a conspiracy involving then-Vice President Johnson, his aide Clifton Carter, and Wallace. No charges were possible since all three men were by then deceased.

Wallace was killed in a single car automobile accident in January 1971.

Barr McClellan, a Houston attorney and part of the Texas research team, told Fair Play that he began to focus on Wallace during his work as attorney-partner with Ed Clark, whom he described as an Austin power broker and one of those behind the assassination. “John Cofer, Wallace’s attorney from the start, was our partner specializing in criminal cases,” McClellan said. “From that position of insight, I knew Wallace played a key role in the assassination.”

In the petition filed with the ARRB, McClellan wrote: “My direct involvement with Clark as his law partner and sole attorney occurred when he sought an additional payoff for the assassination.” Negotiations for the payoff, McClellan told Fair Play, were “in May 1974 in a secret meeting with two members of the Railroad Commission.”

The Wallace fingerprint match by Darby has been disputed by Glen Sample, who represents California-based researchers whose investigation parallels the Texas research. While Sample says the California group still believes Wallace “was one of the shooters” of President Kennedy, they do not believe his fingerprints are those from the TSBD box.

In support of this, Sample offers fingerprint experts of his own. “Both of our experts are working police I.D. officers,” he wrote on his web page. “They go to court on a regular basis, testifying as expert witnesses. They said that the print was CLEARLY not a match. But what about the 14 points? They said that it is NOT uncommon to have a set of prints that have many matching points, but when they find points that DO NOT match, these negate the matching points.” Sample characterized this finding by his experts as “bad news.”

Walt Brown countered by saying that Sample’s experts “were local i.d. bureau guys from San Bernardino, and not in the category of either Nathan Darby or the people that it was hoped would examine the originals within the law enforcement communities charged with the proper investigation.”

The California researchers, nevertheless, call Wallace “the key figure in the Kennedy assassination.” They quote sources who say that in addition to being a Dealey Plaza gunman, Wallace also recruited Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby into the plot. The Californians’ work, entirely separate from that of the Texas group, resulted in a 1995 book called The Men on the Sixth Floor, by Sample and Mark Collum. Wallace most likely was involved in planting the rifle to frame Oswald and if he did fire a shot, He fired from the Western most window of the depository.


Possibly fired a shot from the south knoll or the county records building:

During the mid 1920’s, Caifano joined the 42 Gang, an infamous Chicago street gang, with future Outfit members such as William Morris “Willie” Bioff, Samuel “Teets” Battaglia, and Salvatore “Sam,” “Mooney” Giancana. By 1929, Caifano’s rap sheet included convictions for burglary, extortion, larceny, and interstate fraud. As he matured, Caifano followed other 42 Gang members into The Outfit. During this period, Caifano was considered a prime suspect in the murder of gambler Frank Quotrocci after police discovered a hat at the crime scene with the initials “M.C.” However, it was later accepted that Outfit boss Al Capone committed this murder.


A declassified CIA document released in 1977 states that a french assassin by the name of Jean Soutre was in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Soutre belonged to an anti-Kennedy French terrorist organization known as the OAS. Soutre or somebody using his name was detained by U.S.authorities and deported within 48 hours of the assassination. However the document mentions that Soutre had also gone by the name of Michel Mertz. Soutre was a ruthless member of the French Mafia. The French Mafia also had strong motive to kill Kennedy which shows that they would have likely played a role in his assassination. It’s possible Soutre fired at the President. He could have been on the County Records Building (BELOW) as could have Caifano.


Sturgis (Frank Angelo Fiorini), was a contract killer for the mob and may have been “The tall tramp” arrested after the assassination. a deathbed statement released in 2007, Hunt named Sturgis as one of the participants in “The Big Event”, which Hunt’s son claims to be the code name for the assassination. Most likely, he never fired a shot, but was a “spotter”...


According to a biography of Sam Giancana written by his family, Giancana told his younger brother that it was Cain and Charles Nicoletti, not Lee Harvey Oswald, who were in the Texas Book Depository on November 22, 1963. This claimed was never proved. Cain became a key figure in Giancana’s money skimming from casinos in Central America and Iran. During this time, conspiring to control the city’s illegal gambling operations, he began working as an FBI informant for Agent William F. Roemer, allegedly muscling out his rivals by revealing their operations to federal authorities. His half brother, Michael Cain, believes that he was planning to take over The Outfit itself.

On December 20, 1973, Richard Cain was killed by masked gunmen in Rose’s Sandwich Shop in Chicago.


Was one of the original hitmen but backed out when Giancana called off the hit and thus Nicoletti had Files shoot from the picket fence. For what ever reason, when Giancana called off the hit, Nicoletti said “screw it” and went ahead with the hit anyway.

John Roselli (Filippo Sacco) first became involved in crime when he worked for Al Capone in the 1920s. By the end of the Second World War Roselli had emerged as a senior crime boss in Las Vegas with close links to Meyer Lansky. In 1947 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) identified him as a leading figure in the Mafia and a close associate of Santos Trafficante. Tosh Plumlee, a pilot for many CIA activities also flew with Roselli on several occasions claimed In an interview in April, 1992, that Roselli had been killed because he knew too much about JM WAVE, Operation Mongoose, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy

Note: There could have been one more assassins on the top of the County Records Building. It’s hard to tell which of these assassins were stationed there, but it is HIGHLY likely there was at least one killer there. A shell was found there is the late 70’s that had a manufactured date which matched the early sixties time period. So, the most likely spots for the killers were, the Dal Tex building, the County Records building, the western most window of the Texas school book depository, the south knoll and the infamous grassy knoll behind the stockade fence.

It is a virtual certainty Nicoletti and Files were 2 shooters and we know where they were in Dealey Plaza that day. The others roles are a little more blurry….i.e. their positions as to where the shots were fired. But their part in the killing of President Kennedy (with the possible exception of Sartis) is a virtual certainty as well.

(BELOW) This is Files calmly walking away, just as he claimed:

Now, here is testimony from Robert “Tosh” Plumlee, who was the airline pilot assigned to fly the “abort” team into Dallas. His story back up that of Files:



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