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(AP)—Captured: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four co-defendants are to be arraigned at a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay on charges including 2,976 counts of murder

America! You should be seeing this by now. The “trial” of the alleged “terrorists” being held now in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is nothing but a Globalist smokescreen. It’s not a real trial. Self-proclaimed ‘mastermind’ Khalid Sheikh Mohammed couldn’t have been responsible for the events of 9/11 even if he wanted to be.

The Associated Press released this headline today:


9/11 families’ fury as mastermind of attacks refuses to answer to judge as his Guantanamo trial for 2,976 murders begins

  • Five men charged with the 9/11 attacks appearing in public for first time in three years for military tribunal —
  • Mohammed repeatedly refused to answer judge’s questions —
  • Co-defendants delayed arraignment by kneeling in prayer, removing their headphones and reading a magazine —
  • Prisoner Walid bin Attash put in a restraint chair for unknown reasons —
  • 9/11 victims’ families despaired at the mens behavior in court

By Associated Press

PUBLISHED: 07:47 EST, 5 May 2012 | UPDATED: 07:27 EST, 6 May 2012

(BELOW) (AP)-A courtroom sketch shows Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, right, and co-defendant Walid bin Attash attending the military hearing at Guantanamo Bay

(NOTE) The psy-ops has already started, notice how the artist presents an evil “smirk” on the faces of the “terrorist”. Also notice the right hand of Mohammad looks like a claw of an animal and has red on his fingers. That is specifically put there for you to associate “blood on his hands.”

(AP)- The military court staging the trial of five Guantanamo Bay prisoners accused of the September 11 attacks was openly defied by the detainees on its first day yesterday.

Another defendant, Ramzi Binalshibh, stood up, then knelt on the courtroom floor and prayed for several minutes as a row of guards in camouflage uniforms kept a close watch.

Mohammed and his co-defendants could all face the death penalty.

They are accused of seven charges stemming from the 2001 attacks that killed 2,976 people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

The devastation resulted in the US embarking on a deadly, costly and ongoing global war against Al Qaeda and its supporters.

The families of six victims killed in the attacks are at court witnessing the trial while other victims’ families are able to watch the trial through close-circuit TV.

(NOTE) Look at the artist’s sketch below and notice how he intentionally made the “Arabs” smaller than the people in the background even though the people in front should be bigger since they are closer to the artist. The out of proportion big people in the background are supposed to resemble “gods” in judgement of these bad Arabs that pulled of the 9/11 attack. IT’S ALL A BIG PSY-OP!

(AP) caption——Prayer time: Defendants refused to answer questions and repeatedly held up proceedings

(ABOVE) The AP caption says the “defendants” repeatedly held up proceedings. BULL! If this was real, the guards and strong arm security wouldn’t let them hold up the proceedings! This is all scripted like professional wrestling.

AP caption—Defiant: A court room sketch of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who repeatedly declined to respond to a judge’s questions on Saturday

(NOTE) Again, look at the contrived evil smirk that the artist wanted to portray. Also notice the pointed “Devil ear”. America! This is all a big manipulation…can you see that?


The only thing that is true in the above AP press release is when they state “The military court staging”...Yep! It’s staged all right!

Listen, if this was real, the trial would be held in New York where the attacks took place, NOT in CUBA! The reason the criminals and liars in the U.S. government who are promoting this nonsense do not want this to be a civilian trial in New York is because they don’t want scrutiny of this fiasco! They want it in Cuba so they have complete control of any information that is released. If this “trial” was held in the United States, it would soon be obvious that it is nothing more that a Hollywood production designed to fool the public.

(BELOW) Facts gathered by Jesse Richard, founder of TvNewsLIES.org….

If these men on trial here were really involved with the attacks of 9/11, then how were they able to manipulate the following facts…NOT THEORIES, BUT FACTS:

1. Why did the news agencies report that WTC 7 collapsed almost 1/2 hour before it did, even though it was not hit by a plane, only had a few floors on fire, and gave no indication that it was in any serious danger?

2. Why do we still believe the tale of the 19 hijackers when so many of the accused hijackers showed up ALIVE within days? And why do we still believe the fable of the 19 hijackers when the FBI admitted that they are not sure about either the identity of the hijackers or if there were any hijackers at all?

3. Why was WTC 7 rebuilt, reopened and reoccupied with no press attention? Wouldn’t this be an important victory in American resolve and perseverance?

4. Why were the NORAD rules changed for the first time several weeks prior to 9/11, taking responsibility/authority for shooting down hijacked planes away from NORAD military command for the first time in its history, and given to a civilian, Donald Rumsfeld, and then returned to NORAD the day after 9/11?

5. Why would hijackers planning on attacking NY and Washington DC drive from Florida, pass both DC and NY, and drive all the way to Maine and hinge this huge operation on a connecting flight from Maine to Boston, where we are told they hijacked their plane?

6. Why wouldn’t they fly out of any of the airports that are visible from their targets, like Newark, La Guardia or JFK…or even some of the smaller local airports that would have given them a clear easy path to their target and reduce the amount of time that our air defense systems would have to stop them?

7. Who placed all of those put options on the airlines just prior to the event, as if they knew that the stock prices on those specific airlines would lose a huge amount of value?

8. Why did George W. Bush’s Secret Service detail not rush the president to safety when it was evident that the nation was under attack? If the nation was under attack, and they did not know the scope of the attack, and the president’s location was known, how did they not worry about being attacked in Florida?.

9. Why did they act as if they knew that there was no threat? And why, when our nation was under attack, did the president not rush into action? If you say he was concerned about upsetting the children, you are the ultimate apologist. He could have told them that his mommy was on the phone and he had to see what she wanted. Our county was supposedly being attacked and he/they waited 20 minutes before they moved. This is the smoking gun of smoking guns.

10. Why did the FBI never list Osama bin Laden as being wanted for 9/11? Actually, we know this one…because they admitted that they had no evidence linking him to the event.

11. Why was their molten metal flowing under the wreckage of the WTC for months? No jet fuel can melt metal, and nothing explainable could melt that much metal and keep it hot enough to remain molten for a month.

12. How did a passport of one of the so called hijackers make it through the huge fireball and end up on the street? Why have photos from the 80+ cameras confiscated at the Pentagon never been released?

13. Why did the airplane that supposedly crashed at Shanksville vaporize so that nothing remained, not bodies, not luggage, not metal, – nothing – for the first time in aviation history? However, we are told that even though the plane vaporized at Shanksville, a hand-written note from a hijacker was found.

14. How did these men wire trade centers 1, 2 and 7 with explosives? Yes, this has been proven by mathematics and the laws of physics. If you don’t know this to be a fact, check out: THE MATHEMATICS OF 9/11.

These kind of questions could go on and on. A common start and end to any intelligent discussion about the events of 9/11 is prefaced by the assumption that no American would betray his or her country by allowing or conducting an attack on the American people. Well, the people who take this position know nothing about history, let alone human nature. They also don’t know about the public positions, declarations, speeches and published documents written by the people who ran our nation on that day. So your answer is this…

I don’t believe the official story because I know the official story! I don’t believe the conclusion, and the little tale of 19 buffoons overtaking our national defense all by themselves. The official position on that by the way, is that they, the FBI, have no proof of the identity of the so-called hijackers or that there were any hijackers at all. They are not listed on the passenger lists, but you would not know that.

False flag operations have taken place for generations, in this nation and nations around the world. Many of these operations have been exposed, but proof of many of these activities is probably hidden away in secret documents that may one day come to light.

You can however, start your exploration on the topic by researching one plan for American self-inflicted terrorism that became public, Operation Northwoods. Do I detect my first “I did not know this, is it true?” May I suggest you also peek into the neoconservative teachings of the principles involved in running our nation at the time of the “new Pearl Harbor” that took place in 2001.

Most people who actually believe the governments lies about 9/11 are not even qualified to have an opinion. Not everyone is qualified to debate us on an issue like 9/11. We can discuss it. But you can’t impose your “opinions” on me, nor can you do that to a majority of 9/11 truthers. And by the way, when it comes to opinions vs. facts, facts win. FOX News watchers don’t seem to be able to grasp this concept-—-Jesse Richard

May I suggest you read our article: THE HISTORY OF AMERICA’S FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS

Let’s continue with the nonsense that the U.S. Government wants to call a “trial”.

I think ‘It’s actually a joke, it feels ridiculous,’ said Jim Riches, whose firefighter son, Jimmy, died at the World Trade Center.

I think Riches sensed that it is a joke. A joke on the American people and some of the families who still believe the globalist controlled government. (NOTE), many of the victims families don’t believe the 9/11 official story and can’t get the media to cover this fact.

This ridiculous trial is just a globalist inspired Halloween play meant to distract the gullible American people away from the facts and away from the real criminals. I’m hoping that more and more Americans are waking up to this crock of lies. It’s easy to figure out, but you have to think. Many Americans mistake thinking for consciousness. Just because you’re awake, doesn’t mean you’re thinking. If you can’t think and figure this thing out, if you can’t distinguish lies from truths, if you can’t see this for what it is-ANOTHER GOVERNMENT LIE-then WE THE PEOPLE don’t deserve to be free.


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