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After my initial expose on how the corrupt police operate along with “see something, say something” sheeple, it’s amazing to me how easy it is to fool both. Read below on how the brainwashed public can be “Protected” by the “brain dead” police. This article should open the eyes of most people about how the public puts their trust trust incompetent police like Anthony Laksa.


Policemen do what they do to satisfy their egos because they wear costumes and have been convinced they possess an illegitimate authority. Remember when cops claimed they worked for us? Lets be honest a lot of cops are terrorists in costumes enforcing victimless laws for corrupt politicians. They are NOT here “to protect are serve” you. They are here to raise money for the City through extortion (or what they will call a traffic complaint). If you are illegally pulled over, you are in fact under arrest (even if they don’t call it that). If you don’t cooperate, they have been given the right by the State to kidnap you and take you to the courthouse and put you in a cage (what they call jail). Anyone who disagrees hasn’t been paying attention. PERIOD!

Anthony John Laska III

Caution Alert

Department: Fairbanks

Position: Detective

Status: Caution. Laska has left a trail of chaos in his path as a police officer across the USA, forcing him to move often. #1 #2. Social media posts reflect an obsession with firearms and alt-right politics.

Birthdate: 5/29/1969

Property: 3720 Arapaho Dr North Pole, AK 99705

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anthony.laska.3

FB Timeline 12MB.

Even though these police stooges take pride in figuring our people’s information, apparently they don’t realize, with very little effort, we can figure out who they are too. It’s all public information (BELOW)


We at The Conspiracy Zone want to expose the criminal police and how they waste taxpayers money. Former Greenwood Village cop, Anthony Laska (ABOVE), needs to be exposed as one of those stooges who thinks writing tickets to law abiding citizens is his claim to fame. He has been exiled to Alaska and the Department of Defense. Look at this out of shape, big fat, doughnut eating, wanna be police thug with the appearance of a homeless bum. Is this the kind of person that we want to represent us? He ticketed me for basically hanging out at a public fountain, using the “terrorist” excuse to issue a frivolous ticket. He apparently thought I was trying to “poison” the fountain.

When this stooge called my mother and threatened her to have my car “Picked up” because he thought I may be a “terrorist”, he didn’t plan on one thing, and that’s the fact we RECORDED his lies! He was oh so aggressive in dealing with someone’s “mother,” That just tells you, most police prey on the innocent.

I just want EVERYONE to know, this is about false accusations from the police! I NEVER would be involved in any kind of “Terrorism” and I have no history of being involved of ANY kind on misconduct here. I want the world to know how the police can conduct themselves with no check and balances. This article is “OF MY OPINION” which I have this right to publish from my Constitutional Right! Read On!!

When I did go in to the station to clear this mess up, (which I had no obligation to do) and I saw Anthony Laska was a creepy little runt that was balding and had stained teeth (bad hygiene). I thought it was “dress up a troll as a cop day”. He also has a slow inarticulate/uneducated speech pattern that reminded me of Forest Gump. Sometimes the ignorant seem to work in groups. By he way, my father who is an African American came in with me to clear this up. I don’t think it is a coincidence that once Laska saw my Father, he was determined to write me a ticket. Once I said to Laska “If I wasn’t an African American, I wouldn’t be here!” RIGHT AFTER I SAID THAT! HE WROTE ME A TICKET!!!!! RACIST, RACIST, RACIST!!!!!!! I caught him in his game and he couldn’t stand it!!!!

YIKES! Would you hire this over weight clown with bad teeth to protect you?

Who was the moron who reported a man eating lunch (me), at a fountain as a possible “Terrorist?”, to the incompetent Laska? It was the below stooge number 2, Jason Alexander Freeland. Another creepy “revenge of the nerds” dude that thinks posting his pasty, out of shape, disgusting body with his “other” is anything but nauseating to any one else! He thinks he’s a “hero” with his government sponsored “See something, say something” get involved edict. BUT! It doesn’t work that way when you are wrong about what you see! All it does is point you are uneducated and clueless!

Freeland, Is a strange, weird looking, pasty cartoon looking person with a fake smile that looks like it came off the Joker in Batman….... Freeland is kind of an ugly version of a Howdy Doody type character. Not in any kind of physical shape what so ever. Actually, he looks sickly and anemic. He thinks he can kind of hide now deleting his facebook page now that we have exposed him. Of course that does not work! Because we have already exposed him as being a “say something, see something” false accuser that is there for all to see!!!!

He apparently owns or runs: The Wellness Center at 6380 S Fiddlers Green Circle in Greenwood Village Co. 80111 at: 303-601-2741.

The Wellness Zone, LLC

5690 DTC Blvd

Suite 170E

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

ph: 303.601.2741


47 year old Freeland is a short-sided creep who reported “suspicious” activity without knowing the person or what they are doing but he thinks he is doing “America” as a favor.

Just because someone who is “ethnic” looking and just having lunch, doesn’t mean they are a “terrorist.” having lunch on a fountain, I’m surprised he has an “ethnic” looking girl with him. Hypocrites like him come in all classes though…Also, if he owns a fitness center, why is he so scrawny and creepy and without anyone who would want to work with this moron? It’s obvious he is “profiling” minorities. Because of that, I’m “shocked” his “girlfriend” is “ethnic” Let’s find out more about this stooge/snitch.

He thinks he can just do what he wants and remain “anonymous”. That is further from the truth! In other words, there is no anonymous “see something say something” If you report something and it’s false, which Freeland did and if you did it to the wrong people (which he did) we can find out whatever we want to about you and publish it for the world to see! It’s public information! If anyone had reason to file a lawsuit here it is me! Even though it’s much to late now as this incident took place 6 years ago. Because I was the one who was accused wrongly! Do you see how the “system” is set up for this? Do you you see how these “stooges” are ripe for this?

Just a footnote: I am the one who was accused wrongly and intentionally set up for this from these “less Intelligent types!!! But for now, I just want the record cleared and the liars and false accusers exposed!

ONCE AGAIN, THE TRUTH IS AN ABSOLUTE DEFENSE!!!!! I will not stand here and let these people accuse me wrongly without exposing the accusers!!!

Here is another address for this stooge:

The Wellness Zone LLC

5401 South Park Terrace Avenue 103b and 302b

Greenwood Village, CO 80111 – View Map

(303) 997-4753

(303) 221-0318

(904) 737-9776

Web: www.enterthewellnesszone.com



Another possible address for this nerd from 2004:

Jason Alexander Freeland

5200 S. Ulster St.

Greenwood Village, Co.


Previous address from Associates since 1996:

4298 Crooked Mile Rd.

Merritt, Island Fl.

Hey Dude, I’d leave my shirt on if I were you, you look like a cross between the Michelin man and Pillsbury dough boy and a giant mayonnaise jar wearing shorts. And it looks like the girl is telling the world “one inch” YIKES!!! (No judge on what that means)

Apparently Freeland is one of those paranoid sheep who thinks everything he sees on the 6:00 o’clock news is real. He is without a doubt is a believer in the idiotic “See Something, Say Something” doctrine. But what else would anyone expect from the brain dead sheeple in America.

It’s Howdy Doody Time!!!! LOL! This dude is a dead ringer for Howdy Doody! Although Howdy Doody is way better looking!

Actually, he’s a cross between Howdy Doody and the Joker from Batman.

You have to like what 49er quarterback says about the police. He pointed out that a cosmetologist has to have more training to hold a curling iron than a police officer has to have in order to get a gun. So what’s the problem with Colin Kaepernick’s statement? It’s the fact he tells the truth! The real problem is America can’t handle the truth! Kaepernick is speaking the TRUTH. He is RIGHT, but the majority of the brainwashed and Foxnews watchers will disagree with him because they are delusional. I COMMAND HIM FOR TAKING A STAND AND SPEAKING FOR THE OPPRESSED…HE DEFINITELY EARNED MY UTMOST RESPECT. KEEP UP THE STAND BROTHER!

Before we proceed, let’s look at another racist cop, Eric Casebolt, who is another racist loser just like Laska, who think they can cover their social awkwardness by becoming a policeman and controlling minorities:

They now have a license to criminally assault you and they can get away with it. The only way to stop it, is to start taking action NOW! What I’m going to show you may be difficult to watch. I’m going to show you police officers (who took an oath to “serve and protect”) that not only don’t have any interest in that, but are racist, coward, criminals whose acts are so deplorable and violent, that anyone other than the police who do these kinds of things would be sent to prison! Not only that, but in this sequence, the victim, Alexis Acker, was charged with “assault” even though she was the one that was the victim of Criminal Assault by Travis Walker of the Colorado Springs police!! AMERICA! WE NEED TO PUT A STOP TO THIS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY FROM THE POLICE!!!

There are too many examples to list here of America’s criminal (Illuminati controlled) police, but let me show you a few examples of these low-life dirt-bags who think they can get away with murder! And many times do!

First, lets start with scumbag Tyler M. Walker of the Colorado Springs police department. This man is 6’3 and over 200 pounds. He has in custody Alexis Acker, who at the time was 18 years old and 100 pounds lighter than him. Let me point out, he assaults her first by pushing her. She reacts in defense by kicking towards him, toward his CLIPBOARD and not him!!...which she does not connect. Then, this coward cop reacts with potentially deadly force buy throwing an already hand cuffed girl to the ground face first that easily could have killed her, broken her neck or paralyzed her. It did knock out her teeth and left her with permanent injuries for the rest of her life.

It’s hard to see his face (Tyler M. Walker), because like all criminals, It’s difficult to identify who they are…But what a man huh? To put his knee in the back of a handcuffed woman that weighs 100 pounds less than him…He’s just a coward in disguise. I wonder if he treats all women like that? To Father Rod Walker…. “You must really be a proud father to know you have a son that will brutalize a helpless woman in hand cuffs”.......Rod? How did you instruct your son to assault helpless women in handcuffs?

What is interesting, is that we have learned that while the Colorado Springs Police Department received the video surveillance showing the altercation between Officer Tyler Walker and 18-year-old Alexis Acker in December 2013, it wasn’t until July 2014 that they launched an internal affairs investigation.

The Colorado Springs Police Department told 11 News that the investigation into Officer Walker’s behavior that day is still ongoing. It is not clear why a decision has not been made.

11 News also confirmed that Officer Tyler Walker is the son of the former Deputy Chief of Police, Rod Walker who resides at:

8853 Stony Creek Drive

Colorado Springs Co.



No doubt this cop was taught this kind of criminal behavior by his father. Where did he learn this criminal behavior from?

(BELOW) Intense: The video then shows the officer, who is 6-foot-3 and about 210 pounds, and lifting the 5-foot-4, 110-pound woman out of the chair and slamming her to the floor



Now, let’s get back to Anthony Laska who we busted as he threatened my mother by having my car “picked up.”

WE STILL HAVE THE RECORDINGS! That’s right, we have EVERY SINGLE WORD WITH HIM LYING ON TAPE! We are working now to get this on Mp3 to post here. On top of that, he has a facebook page that we can copy and paste to expose him. See what we mean? Law enforcement isn’t too bright. He’s in the business of pissing people off and still makes a facebook page where we can find him. Just give fools like him a rope and they will hang themselves with it. Guess what? They THINK they have the power of “discretion” when they pull you over and write a ticket. Oh! how powerful they are. Well think again! Who has the power of “discretion” to write and keep writing and running this article to expose people like him? That’s right…WE DO!

We don’t want you to forget what Laska looks like, so we will publish his picture throughout this article. We don’t want you forget this fat, balding, filthy cap wearing, stained teeth government stooge. He thinks he can hide it all with sunglasses. By the way, Just visit the Greenwood Village police and request to look at complaints filed against ANTHONY LASKA, and they will have to provide them for you!!! I know, because I filed!

Karma’s a bitch isn’t it? Anyone who googles Anthony Laska and/or “The Department of Defense” will see this article about him. It’s about time that the police realize that “WE THE PEOPLE” are in control because WE pay their salary! We are no longer going to let them push us around! Please copy and paste this expose’ where ever you can!!!!


Every month The Conspiracy Zone will give tidbits of truths you may or may not know on a variety of subjects. For now, we’ll call our segment “THE CRIMINAL POLICE.” Anthony Laska who now works for the Department of Defense is just the tip of the iceberg. Notice how Laska always has sunglasses on…we mean ALWAYS. That is a tip that he is a liar! Liars don’t want people to see their eyes for fear they may be exposed! He doesn’t want people to know who he is. Well, we know who he really is. Look how on EVERY picture, he tries to hide behind sunglasses….


What we hope happens from our exposure of racist cops like Anthony Laska, is that people understand that the police are NOT on our side! We have freedom of speech in this nation, thus no one can claim this article is Libel. Libel, being the “written word” and Slander being the “spoken word.” What we want to expose is this police corruption which is THE TRUTH! THE TRUTH IS AN ABSOLUTE DEFENSE!! So there is no libel here. But, what we want is the media exposure to let the world know how “criminal” the police are. We want the world to know that the Denver Police have been fined over a million dollars last year for police brutality.

Before you read this report, watch this short video from an Attorney and a former police officer on WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE!

We want THE PEOPLE to know how the Aurora police violated our 4th amendment by arresting motorists last June when looking for a bank robber. In short…WE WANT A REVOLUTION FOR THESE STATE SPONSORED POLICE THUGS THAT THREATEN OUR FREEDOMS! We want the world to know that I was profiled by a racist police officer named Anthony Laska of Greenwood Village. We want to expose the phone recordings where he called at my mother’s house threatening to “have my car picked up,” if I didn’t comply. Laska wasn’t smart enough or trained enough to know who he was really calling and that he was being recorded.

Which is his biggest mistake, not to mention his lying threat is a violation of our constitution. But what he didn’t count on is we kept this recording, and we still have it! No doubt, he didn’t bank on that. BUT WE HAVE IT, AND WE WANT THIS EXPOSED! WE WANT THE WORLD TO SEE THAT POLICEMEN LIE REGULARLY AND WE CAN PROVE IT!!




Here’s a quiz: What is the difference between being kidnapped and being arrested? What’s the difference between being given a traffic ticket and extortion?

I guess ignorance of the law and lying is fine, as long as you are ex-Greenwood Village doughnut eating police stooge like Anthony Laska along with 1000 other flunkies like him. By the way, look at his Hitler mustache? Coincidence? Racism? Profiling? Hiding behind sunglasses? I don’t think so! Hopefully, his lawyers will contact us so we can play the recordings of him threatening my mother to have “my car picked up!” We have kept recordings of that too…..We on on our way to make Mp3 files and publish them! Our bet is we will no longer hear from the Anthony Laska camp. By the way, If anyone reading this has had conversations with the police over the phone..MAKE SURE AND RECORD THEM!!!!! MAKE SURE AND CATCH THEM IN THEIR LIES!!!!!

When writing this article, I had problems with the Greenwood Village police, specifically former Anthony Laska, whose facebook page says he lives in Delta Junction Alaska (ABOVE). He ticketed me for basically hanging out at a public fountain, using the “terrorist” excuse to issue a frivolous ticket. He apparently thought I was trying to “poison” the fountain. RIDICULOUS!!! Some stooge, (Jason Freeland) in a gym over seeing it, called the police and the Greenwood Village police. They, (THE POLICE) should have known better than to waste taxpayer money to check this out.

That’s what the “state” should do, figure out what’s real and what isn’t. But just look at this minion, Laska and you can see he has been hanging out at more doughnut shops than doing his real job with his dirty hat and double, or I should say “triple” chin.

When I did go in to the station to clear this mess up, and I saw Anthony Laska was a creepy little runt that was balding and had stained teeth (bad hygiene). I thought it was “dress up a troll as a cop day”. He also has a slow inarticulate/uneducated speech pattern that reminded me of Forest Gump.

Read more about this abuse of authority with flunky police minions like him below. Anyone reading this article please copy and paste it to where you can to let the public know that “We the People” won’t put up with people like Laska anymore! Once again, keep in mind, people like Laska, are nothing but mind controlled high school graduate losers who think they are important. They are nothing more than chess pieces for the New World Order. They don’t think for themselves. They are just clones doing what they have been told to do and not even doing a good job of that.

Here’s a contact number at the D.O.D in Greely, Alaska (BELOW): You may want to find out why they hire unprofessional, INCOMPETENT, UNQUALIFIED, childish, people like Laska.

He resides at:

3720 Arapaho Dr.

North Pole, Ak


904-522-0820 h1. 904-810-6809 h1. 907-385-0695 h1. 904-825-0081 h1. 217-641-2547

e-mail: anthonylaska@sbcglobal.nt


Bldg 655

Big Delta Ave.

Fort Greely, AK




And don’t stop there! If you feel you have been “profiled”, complain here:

U.S. Department of Justice

Civil Rights Division

950 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.

Washington, D.C.


And Here:

American Civil Liberties Union

125 Broad Street

18th Floor, New York, New York.




City Hall

800 Cushman st.

Fairbanks, Ak.


(907) 459 6715


Police Dept: 911 Cushman Street

Fairbanks Ak.



Possible e-mail address:


Possible address:

3720 Arapaho Dr. or Airline Dr.

North Pole, Alaska



There is a reason the people rioted in L.A. 20 years ago: It was because of out of control cops. More on this later in this article:

Did you know Police in the United States kill a black man every 36 hours. Per year, that is more killings than the Klan ever carried out in a single year. So for communities of color, the only difference between the cops and the Klan when it comes to racist terror and violence, is that the cops are worse.

Remember, the police are legally allowed to lie to you…and they do so on a regular basis. Watch the below video and learn ten rules to follow when dealing with police:

This should be very disturbing to our readers as well as all of America:

Police routinely plant evidence on innocent citizens!

Johnny Cochran, O.J. Simpson’s murder lawyer in 1994—used this defense very effectively. Now, in our pre-dictatorship society, we see that police are getting bolder about planting evidence!

NEWS BRIEF: “Durham police constable threatens to beat up man and plant cocaine on him, video shows”, The Star News, May 22, 2013

” A Durham Region police officer threatened to beat up a man and plant cocaine on him during a one-sided, expletive-filled confrontation, a graphic video shows. ‘I hurt people . . . and then I make their cocaine fing appear’, the armed constable barks into the face of the burly, young man. ‘You see how I work. . . . See what I do’.”

Later, the policeman became even more graphic with his threat to plant evidence on this private citizen.

” ‘Shut your fing mouth and do something . . . do something please, do fing something . . . take a swing, so I can. . . ‘says the constable in the video which is barely audible at several points … ‘You see me again, you’re fing . . . ‘Yes sir, no sir, three bags full . . . whatever the f* you want. . . . Can I do a back flip?’ ” the constable says. ‘Whatever I say, right?’ ”

How on earth did this private citizen get this video?

“A source familiar with one of the house’s occupants said they set up and filmed videos of police visits after officers had been ‘harassing’ them there for weeks. “

In America, police have reacted vigorously whenever they realize a private citizen is using a mobile phone to capture the activity of the law officers.

What kind of punishment did this constable receive from the Durham police force? He only got a “slap on the wrist”.

” Selby said police became aware of the video in April 2012 and the force’s professional standards branch immediately started an investigation into the officer’s conduct. Police Chief Mike Ewles penalized the officer a month later … As this was dealt with internally and not subject to a hearing under Part V (of the act), I am not at liberty to discuss further details’, Selby said in an email.

“ ‘I can’t identify the name of the officer involved, but after being disciplined, he remains employed with us as a front line police officer’. Under the act, a police chief may resolve such an issue informally without a hearing if he or she believes it was not of “a serious nature.”

The police chief considered this provocation to “not be of a serious nature”? How can he take this viewpoint? Under our system of law, I cannot think of any more serious threat to our liberty and freedoms than facing a corrupt police force who is more than willing to frame innocent civilians by lying about the citizen and by planting incriminating evidence.

Our system of law depends upon honest cops.

This is the stuff of dictatorship. Under a system of Absolute Tyranny police routinely lie and plant evidence so they can get their target in jail. In both America and Canada, we have seen increasingly incidents in which police act aggressively with citizens as they question them. Some people have even accused police of using “Gestapo tactics” on an innocent citizen.

Officers think hanging out at intersections with their tax payer radar guns give them power. When in fact, they are just slaves to the government who think they are getting respect. Most of these “COPS” are just losers who prey on people with real jobs so the police dept can get money for the state. ONCE AGAIN! THE POLICE ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE! YOU DON’T ANSWER TO THEM! YOU PAY THEIR SALARY!!!!!! DON’T PUT UP WITH THEIR B.S.!!!! Statistics show policeman divorce rates are higher than any other job.

I get so tired of the lie that “police put their lives on the line everyday”......Bull!

Yea, it’s really life threatening to hide behind trees and bust people for going 10 mph over the speed limit. It’s really life threatening to issue a parking ticket in the handicapped zone. It’s really life threatening to light up someone who runs a four way stop…..Oh yes, the sobriety check points where most people are clean must be stressful for the poor over worked cops….

MY BLEEDING HEART!!! Maybe they have to direct traffic where the lights are out?! When was the last time we needed a policeman and he was there for us? Ummmm, like NEVER! As a matter of fact, if any policeman’s life was really on the line, like in the L.A. riots….They (the police) would be pulled off the streets and the public would be forced defend themselves…..DO YOU REMEMBER THE L.A. RIOTS!!! ONCE AGAIN, THE POLICE ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE!!!!! As a matter of fact, if the people’s rights and life and property were on the line and there was a real threat to our security and our businesses, the police and their collective pansy ass’s would be so pulled off the streets before the looting ever started. In other words…YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN!!!!


The fact that I was ticketed for possible “terrorism” by hanging out by a public fountain and possible poisoning it is laughable. Laska, the police officer who wrote this pathetic ticket, didn’t bother look in to it (or investigate it) and was in on an obvious mission. To PROFILE!!!!

This incompetent Officer (Anthony Laska), and I term the title, “officer” loosely, because I don’t respect him to have that title and no one else should either. He said they were on alert for “terrorists” in public places. GIVE ME A BREAK! This was nothing but police “profiling”.

This, I consider RACISM! The complaint issued to me was from this officer “Anthony Laska.” His writing on the ticket looks like that of a six year old so it’s hard to make out what his first name really is—-but we figured it out later. He now works with the department of defense in Alaska. Good luck there with this! Here is a photocopy of the ticket this fool gave me before he even did an investigation. (BELOW): This was such a ridiculous, idiotic ticket submitted by an unqualified bad cop (Laska). It obviously never went to trial and was dropped. WHAT A WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY! The complaint issued for me even admits that “there was no arrest” and that there was “no fingerprinting” and there was “no photographs.” In other words. “There is no case!” But, because I was “profiled as a terrorist” I was called in.

By the way, I was in no way obligated to go in and talk with this creepy guy. If I just blew the whole thing off there is not a thing he could have done. But, I just thought I could clear this all up by going in. Because I follow the law! How wrong was I! ONCE AGAIN! “DON’T TRUST THE POLICE!”

Officer Laska, even initially called a phone number that was not my residence trying to find me and threatened my mother that he would “Have my car picked up” unless I came in and talked to them. I even still have that phone conversation recorded. First off, Officer Laska could NOT have my car picked up, for ANY reason as he threatened which makes him nothing but a liar! DON’T LET FOOLS LIKE THIS BE ON THE STREETS!!! They cost people money to play their childish games. INCREDIBLE isn’t it? Hell, he wasn’t even experienced enough with investigations to figure out he called my mothers house. He couldn’t even figure out where I lived!

Now, here is a photo of (Anthony Laska) who actually issued me a ticket (BELOW). Looks like he has a facebook page. I did some research on him, he’s 42 and looks 52. He quite frankly looks like a homeless bum….but I digress. When I filed a formal complaint to the police chief against him, as well as the City Manager, I suggested that all potential police officers have at least a four year collage degree before they can issue tickets and that might weed out people like him that aren’t qualified to deal with the public.

When I did go in to the station to clear this mess up, and I saw Anthony Laska was a creepy little overweight runt that was balding and had stained teeth . He looked like all he does is hang out at a Dunkin Donut place all day. He also has a slow inarticulate/uneducated speech pattern that reminded me of Forest Gump as I stated earlier. That’s important because it shows that pretty much anyone can be a policeman. All you need is the ability to fit in a Donut booth. If someone wanted to be a cosmetologist, they would have to go to school for 2 years. So, the person holding a curling iron as more training that a cop has to have to carry a gun! Even though I was under no obligation to go into the station, I did so to try and clear this “terrorist” nonsense up. I even told him that “If I had blond hair and blue eyes, I wouldn’t be here!”

Instead of acknowledging that as true and dropping the whole thing, he got indignant and decided to write me ticket. Well, had he have been smart, had he have let the whole thing go, only the people in the room would have known he was a “profiler.” Now, because he wanted to play hardball, THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS ABOUT IT! I must say, giving me a ticket was probably the worst decision he ever made. Scroll down to the bottom of this article and look at the globe and how many people have read this article.

He was argumentative and reminded me of the kid everyone picked on in school and now that he’s a policeman, he thinks he’ll now get respect. WRONG! Look at his facebook page, (BELOW) and his favorite quote is “Google me bitch.” Is this the kind of person you want in authority? Someone who has this kind immature, 7th grade sense of humor with this kind of disrespect towards women? “Google me bitch”? Of all the great quotes out there, this is his all-time favorite? And he’s a police officer? He now works at the Department of Defense! AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE!

That should tell you a little about his mentality right there. Proof from his facebook page (BELOW). Keep this in mind because once he figures out we exposed him, he might try to change this. That should worry everyone that disrespectful, ignorant, incompetent people like this can actually become policemen, and believe me, there is more of his kind out there than people want to believe.

This Laska guy who wrote me a ticket under the ruse of “terrorism,” has a facebook page where he lists relatives such as Elizabeth, Debi, Jimmy, Josh, Bryan and David with the surname LASKA, along with his famous “GOOGLE ME BITCH” (BELOW) as his favorite phrase? DUDE, as an ex-cop, he just doesn’t get it. Glad this dude is an ex-cop that has been exiled to Alaska. His family must be so proud! Why would he create/allow a facebook page that includes his relatives names for the world to see with GOOGLE ME BITCH as his favorite phrase? STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. KEYSTONE COPS ARE STILL THRIVING!!!!

Anthony Laska lacked professionalism, integrity, intelligence and just plain common sense to think normal people may be “terrorists.” It’s scary that people like Laska can be promoted to the Dept. of Defense. Apparently, they hire racists and sexists. “GOOGLE ME BITCH?”

My advice is to call the number at the top of this article and complain that childish morons like Laska even have a job! Apparently racists that disrespect women can work for America!

That’s blatant RACISM!!!!! The real thing is, people like him are too stupid to even know they are slaves of their employers. They think they have an “important” job. Cops like him are the enemy of our Constitution and “WE THE PEOPLE”! Employers in law enforcement tend to hire people of low intelligence like Laska because people like him are easy to control and manipulate because they don’t think for themselves.

What to do if you are confronted with a lying manipulative bad cop like Anthony Laska.

Are police officers allowed to lie to you? Yes, the Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can lie to the American public. Police officers are trained at lying, twisting words and to be manipulative. Police officers and other law enforcement agents are very skilled at getting information from people. So don’t try to “out smart” the police officer or try being a “smooth talker” because you will lose! Because, you as a decent citizen want to tell the truth, but you are up against professional lying police! If you can keep your mouth shut, you just might come out ahead more than you expected.

Teach your children that they must call a parent for permission before they talk to police officer. Remember police officers are trained to put you at ease and to gain your trust. Their job is to find, arrest and help convict a suspect and that suspect is you!

Yea, this Laska dude presents himself as a good guy, family guy on Facebook. But just look at the lies and deception he (AS ALL COPS) practice in his “profession.”

Lies Police Officers like Laska Use To Get You To Talk:

There are many ways a police officer will try and trick you into talking. It’s always safe to say the Magic Words: “Am I free to leave, if not I’m going to remain silent and I want a lawyer.”

The following are common lie’s the police use when they’re trying to get you to talk:

1. “You will have to stay here and answer my questions” or “You’re not leaving until I find out what I want to know.”

2. “I have evidence on you, so tell me what I want to know or else.” (Police can fabricate fake evidence to convince you to tell them what they want to know.)

3. “You’re not a suspect, were simply investigating here. Just help us understand what happened and then you can go.”

4. “If you don’t answer my questions, I won’t have any choice but to take you to jail.”

5. “If you don’t answer these questions, you’ll be charged with resisting arrest.”

6. “Your friend has told his side of the story and it’s not looking good for you, anything you want to say in your defense?”

Watch this video below and you’ll see why the police don’t like to have people around with video cameras around when they are making arrests:

This kind of nonsense is not an isolated incident:

MIAMI, FL – An officer with the Miami-Dade police department was arrested by federal authorities for stopping female drivers for no other reason than to initiate “sexually suggestive conversations.” He told women to unzip their shirts or else they would face punishments such as losing their children.

It’s not uncommon for the police to pull people over without “probable cause” (Below)

Although police officers may seem nice and pretend to be on your side, they’re wanting to learn your habits, opinions, and affiliations of other people not suspected of wrongdoing. ANTHONY LASKA CALLED MY MOTHER TO KNOW WHERE I “HANG OUT”. I know, unreal stupidity! He’s too dense to know that’s my mom on the line and didn’t seem to have the concept she can see his caller I.D. that identifies him. But he still wanted to know from her where I “hang out”.

When she asked if I could call him back, he said “no”. Once again, he’s too dumb and untrained to know that she would know who was calling from the caller I.D. Yea, he’s brilliant, right,? Don’t try to answer a police officers questions! Remember,


They are trained to be that way. You can never tell how a seemingly harmless bit of information that you give to a police officer might be used and misconstrued to hurt you or someone else. Also keep in mind that lying to a federal agent is a crime. But them lying to you (THE PEOPLE) isn’t.

Know Your Rights When Dealing With Police Officers!

What makes a police officer powerless? A well informed citizen who knows their rights!

Police officers hate to hear these words:

“I don’t consent to a search.”

“Am I free to go?”

“I’m going to remain silent.”

“I want to speak to a lawyer”

Never talk to a police officer!

All the information the police officer needs to know about you, can be found on your id card or drivers license. Don’t volunteer any information to a police officer, if he ask you a question politely ask him “Am I free to go?” If he says yes, then leave, if he says no then say, I’m Going to Remain Silent.

“Am I Free to Go?”

As soon as the police officer asks you a question ask him, “Am I free to go?” You have to ask if you’re “free to go,” otherwise the police officer will think you are voluntarily staying to talk with him. If the police officer says that you’re are being detained or arrested, say to the police officer “I’m going to remain silent.”

Anything You Say Can And Will Be Used Against You!

Silence is not an admission of guilt and can not be used against you in court.

You have every right NOT to talk to a police officer and you should NOT speak to a police officer unless you have first consulted with a lawyer who has advised you differently. Police officers depend on fear and intimidation to get what they want from you and this includes giving up your rights. Police officers might say they will “go easy” on you if you talk to them, but they’re LYING!

The government made a law that allows police officers to lie to American citizens. That’s another reason not to trust the police!

Never voluntarily talk to a police officer, there’s no such thing as a “friendly chat” with a police officer. Let the police officer do all the talking and you stay silent. The Supreme Court has recently ruled that you should NOT talk to a police officer without a lawyer and you must say out loud “I’m going to remain silent.” It can be very dangerous to talk to a police officer or a Federal Agent.

Innocent people have talked to a police officer and ended up in jail and prison, just because they spoke to a police officer without an attorney.

What If a Police Officer Walks Up to You in Public?

NEVER give consent to talk to a police officer. If a police officer stops you and ask to speak with you, you’re perfectly within your rights to say “I do not wish to speak with you, good-bye.” At this point you should be free to leave, but the police officer will probably ask for your identification. If you have identification on you, tell the officer where it’s at and ask permission to reach for it. “Some states you’re not required to show an I.D”. MOST STATES YOU ARE NOT! DO NOT GIVE YOUR ID TO A POLICE OFFICER IF YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO! Know the laws in your state!

The police officer might start asking you questions, at this point you may ask the officer “Am I Free to Go?” The police officer may not like this and may challenge you with words like, “If you have nothing to hide, why won’t you speak to me?” Just like the first question, you don’t have to answer this question either. Just ask “Am I Free to Go?”

Police officers need your permission to have a conversation, never give it to them. There is NO law that says you must tell a police officer where you are going or where you have been, so keep your mouth shut and say nothing! Don’t answer any questions (except name, address and age) and probably not even that, until you have a lawyer.

Back to my case…..Officer Anthony Laska called my mother’s house and threatened to have my car picked up….HE WAS LYING!!!!!! It would be a violation of the 4th Amendment if police could just come and pick up your car. LASKA WAS LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH! WE STILL HAVE THE ORIGINAL RECORDING OF HIS IDLE THREAT! We’ll try to get this recording posted soon.

Don’t fall for these kind of traps. You have the right to refuse search requests by asking “Officer, am I free to go.” Repeat if necessary.

Don’t think for a minute that the police are on your side. Let’s read this statement from a former NYPD:

When Officer Adil Polanco dreamed of becoming a cop, it was out of a desire to help people not, he says, to harass them.

“I’m not going to keep arresting innocent people, I’m not going to keep searching people for no reason, I’m not going to keep writing people for no reason, I’m tired of this,” said Adil Polanco, an NYPD Officer.

He claims Precinct Commanders relentlessly pressure cops on the street to make more arrests, and give out more summonses.

“Our primary job is not to help anybody, our primary job is not to assist anybody, our primary job is to get those numbers and come back with them?” said Officer Polanco.

Eyewitness News asked, “Are you telling me they’re stopping people for no reason, is that what you’re saying?”

“We are stopping kids walking upstairs to their house, stopping kids going to the store, young adults. In order to keep the quota,” answered Officer Polanco.


Here is a statement from the Colorado Greenwood Village Police Department from their website:

“The Greenwood Village policing philosophy is based on the principle of providing safety in our community, crime prevention and solving neighborhood problems.”

BS!!!!!! Well, first off, the Greenwood Village police department pulls people over frequently on the highway and endangers everyone. I see this constantly. Also, they pull over motorists for hours on end into the parking lots of private businesses for their “speed traps” that the taxpayers pay for. I’ve seen this first hand at the Bank of The West private parking on Quebec street. I went to work at 9:00am and there was a policeman pulling people over there. At lunchtime. 12:00 noon, he was still at it. If I was the owner of Bank of The West, I would come out and tell the officer to stop pulling people over in my parking lot and to run his speed trap elsewhere.

If any of you see this…write a letter and complain to the Attorney General in your state as well as nationally! Also, file complaints with the United States Department of Justice or the United States Attorney’s office. —



His threat is against my 4th amendment rights says he’s either not telling the truth (a liar), to try to get me to come down to the station or ignorant of the Constitution (or both). Second, I believe he was using threats that he couldn’t follow through with to try and intimidate. Well, I am not intimidated by anyone! I did decide to go into the station to clear up this nonsense that I may be a “terrorist”.

When I was at the station, Laska was not articulate in my conversations with him and he was very argumentative and ignorant of the law.

He seemed to have problems relating to people. Almost like you might think he’s mentally disturbed or handicapped.

He seemed to have problems even filling out a ticket properly. In my opinion, he lacked education, formal training and common sense. Typical for beat cops.


Remember, cops like Laska are NOT out to catch real “crooks”. They are out to hassle decent people and extort money from them that then goes to the City and County.

THIS KIND OF POLICE BS HAS GOT TO STOP! As a matter of fact, please call the Greenwood Village police in Colorado at 303-486-8248 and ask for John A. Jackson (the police chief pictured below), and ask why they waste tax payer money with useless “speed traps”. Ask him why they pull people over on the highway that endangers people’s lives.

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