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Before we get started, we want to show you why television is so important in controlling people’s minds, emotions and actions. When the popular sitcom “Gilligan’s Island” aired back in the 60’s, people were actually contacting government agencies to rescue the people stranded on the Island. The same thing held true in the 80’s when the TV show “Dallas” came out. People hassled Larry Hagman who played the villain J.R. Ewing in public because they really thought he was in fact J.R. Ewing. In Bill Cosby’s case, people are more likely to believe he is “Cliff Huxtable” than believe in a violent and evil rapist which is what he really is.

Television has the unique capacity to lower people’s critical thinking and heighten their suggestibility to the point where they are in a hypnotic state and will believe almost anything. Most people don’t go into that “beta” state to where they believe most TV shows are real, although it happens more than you would think, but that’s why so many people are fooled by these fake and phony school shootings, church shootings, supermarket shootings etc, and why they believe these slimy politicians who are in reality are on the same side but seem to support these evil people no matter what.

By the way, all presidential elections are scripted as well, but just because people see them on their television, they assume it is all real and happening in real time. Even Sherwood Schwartz (The creator of Gilligan’s Island) is amazed by it and says “this happens in no other medium beside TV.”


Houston, we have a problem. Alleged Parkland shooting witness David Hogg is caught in yet another lie. First he says he was in the school when the shooting started, now he says he was at home and got on his bike when he heard about the shooting.

So where were you David when the shooting started? At home or in the school?

Well, now this teachers testimony (Stacy Lappel) completely contradicts the official story. Listen to her say she saw the POLICE in full riot gear doing the shooting.

Well here we go again. It seems like once a month we have to expose another Illuminati sponsored False Flag event. The latest is from Parkland, Florida where a gunman “allegedly” killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

To start off with, let’s define what a “False Flag” event is. A False Flag event is a catastrophe orchestrated by the Global Elite designed to take away our freedoms by eroding the social fabric of society and bring in The New World Order. A False Flag even might be a real event to where people actually lost their lives, or it could be a hoax that didn’t happen at all. But in both cases, it is a staged event and not a random act of violence. Let’s keep in mind two things about David Hogg. His father is former FBI and Freemason and his mother works for CNN as does Anderson Cooper. WHO SMELLS A RAT?

Take a look at this video of shooting witness David Hogg, being coached and rehearsing what he is to say to the media shortly after this latest “alleged” shooting:


Okay, now after his rehearsals and being told what to say, looks like he’s now ready for his interview and his obvious scripted response:

You have got to be kidding me! “There’s an active shooter” Who talks like that? “It’s 2:52?” YEAH, I’d make a note of the exact time when death is stalking me, it’s important to know just how much of that last day you have before you are murdered, huh?

Now let’s take a look at where we have see this Hogg clown before. This so Called “Student” is actually a CRISIS ACTOR. David Hogg was on camera months ago, pretending to be a high school student in California. Now, suddenly, he is a high school student in Florida???


Okay, now let’s take a look at this staged photo with David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez. Does this look natural to you or staged. By the way, Gonzalez’s mother’s maiden name is “Hogg” so these two are actually cousins. Why is she wearing a Beatles t-shirt? They were way before her time. It’s actually an Illuminati Clue because the Beatles were notorious for hiding hidden messages in their songs so they are telling you to look for hidden messages in these obviously staged events.

Here is another pic of Gonzalez with more clues (BELOW). Why is she wearing a “Blockbuster” logo? Blockbuster went out of business right? The Apollo 11 logo (also way before her time), is a obvious clue because we all know the Moon landing was a staged event, just like this one. Also, Gonzalez herself is a well crafted image. First, She’s a female. Second, she is a minority. Third, she is an admitted lesbian, and finally, she’s a minor. So, that in effect keeps her from any kind of criticism without it being labeled as “Hate Speech.” She is also seen in public many times with the Cuban flag on her jacket. What does Cuba have? MARTIAL LAW! THE CITIZENS CAN’T HAVE GUNS! Do you see the game they are playing with these subliminal messages in plain sight?

Now check this photo below. Top: Crisis Actors, pretending to be high school students, exposed taking a photo with their coaches and production team, before addressing the media (Below). They look pretty happy in the group photo with the production team just after witnessing a mass killing…don’t you think?

Quite a difference when the camera is off, don’t you think?

Does this really look like the way people act after being involved in a gruesome mass shooting where many of their classmates were murdered to you?

So who is David Hogg? There are reports that he apparently went to Redondo Shores in California and graduated in 2015 which means he can’t be 17 years old as claimed but is probably closer to 20. We can’t confirm this but by the way it looks, he most likely did graduate at the Parkland school in Florida, but we’ll leave the final determination to the reader. By the way, did you know his dad is a former FBI agent as well and his mother still works at CNN? Oh yea, we already told you that.

But there does seem to be some pretty good evidence, he did in fact graduate from Redondo shores in 2015 or 2016 (Below).

My estimation is that probably 8 or 9 out of ten events like this are not real but a fabricated hoax. The reason is that in a completely fabricated event, the perps can control the entire narrative. In a real event, they usually have an MK ULTRA, mind controlled candidate (manchurian candidate) to be the mass killer. The problem here is the killer sometimes doesn’t do what they are supposed to do. Sometimes they don’t carry out the event correctly. Sometimes they allow themselves to get caught or they simply don’t carry out the event at all. Usually, but not always, they are supposed to commit suicide at the end of their mission. This event looks like a mix between real and staged to me.


Now let’s look at WHY all these False Flag events are taking place. In every dictatorship in the past, the people have ALWAYS been under Martial Law. The Illuminati can not bring in their New World Order if the people can fight back. So, all these shootings are staged to get the people to agree to gun control laws where they will ultimately be disarmed.

Hummmm, I think I smell a rat here:

Now, disarming the people in America just won’t happen…. so what do the Globalists have to do? They just need to make sure that the New World Police Force are better armed than the citizens are. That is why they are starting out wanting all assault weapons banned. Did you ever wonder why in the last three staged shootings…Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and this one in Florida, that an AR 15 was supposedly used in all three. By the way, where is the surveillance camera footage here? What haven’t we seen any surveillance footage from the Las Vegas shootings? And I don’t mean staged pictures of the alleged shooters hotel room, I mean video footage from Mandalay Bay’s cameras which would have videotape of the shooter hauling up weapons to his room. There should be dozens upon dozens of camera angles. There should also be video footage of the “alleged” shooter entering Sandy Hook as well. WHY HAVE WE SEEN NO SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE FROM THESE THREE MAJOR EVENTS?

The AR-15. The Illuminati choice weapon for staged shootings

So, if they can take away all the heavy artillery out of the hands of the people and make sure only law enforcement has these weapons, that’s a pretty good start in disarming America. If they can make sure that the only guns “We The People” have is a “Saturday Night Special” while the thugs in the police force have all the military weapons, they are in a pretty advantageous position to control the masses.

THE REAL AGENDA HERE IS TO GET UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS IMPLEMENTED! They SAY they want to keep guns away from the “Mentally Unstable.” Okay, let’s look at who they are going to classify as those who are mentally unstable. Most likely that means You and I. Have you ever or are you taking anti-depressants? Guess what…. you wouldn’t be able to get a gun. Have you ever seen a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist? You won’t be able to buy a gun. Have you ever taken medication that warns you not to operate heavy machinery? You will not be able to buy a gun. Do you think the government is untrustworthy? Anyone who doesn’t trust government definitely won’t be able to purchase a firearm! Do you see what’s going on here? Almost anyone can be considered mentally unstable!!

Can someone explain the below photo? Look at this. Look at these men in a (somewhat casual) firing pose. Yet, there are by-standers left unguarded, unprotected, taking photos and chit-chatting with law enforcement. Why aren’t they taking cover? The police are doing so.

That brings us to the emotional impact of what the Globalists want Americans to want as the result of these stage shootings.

Number 1: They want the people to shout for more gun control laws. We see that happening.

Number 2: They want to people to want a ban on assault weapons. We also see that happening.

Number 3: They want the people to want metal detectors in all public places. We see that narrative opening up now.

Number 4: They want to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people (Which is pretty much everyone). We see talk of that now as well.

Here’s the problem with the last one. “Who decides who is mentally ill?” Also, what does it take to be classified as mentally ill? Do you know who they want to classify as mentally ill? It’s the people who have this whole charade figured out! How many times have you heard 9/11 “truthers” being called “crazy?” How many times have you heard people who question the Sandy Hook official story called “lunatics?” The last people on Earth they want to have guns are the people who know what the hell is going on here! Okay, hopefully, you see where this is all going.

As far as this latest event in Parkland, there is no question it is a False Flag event even if there is the possibility (some) people did die, but at this point we can’t be positive. Another key point to all these false Flag events is the fact they are almost always doing some sort of “Drill” just before the event takes place and it is the same thing here as they were doing some sort of “Fire Drill” the very same morning.

Now David Hogg get’s caught in another lie. Here he says “We never had an active shooter drill”.

But look at this witness that claims there was a drill “that same morning”..

FALSE FLAG PROOF: The following MSM video indicates the accused shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was talking to a former student in the hallway soon after shots rang out. Right after they parted ways, she heard more shots. Was he hiding his AR-15. We also want you to pay attention to this witness exhibiting what psychologists call “duping delight”, that is smiling or laughing in the mist of a so called tragedy. Not only is she a bad actress, but apparently she forgets her script and says there were two shooters. Take a listen:

That was Alexa Miednik, phony crisis actor to Florida School Shooter False Flag. By the way, the people that employ these crisis actors are notorious for giving them fake names with sexual overtones. This girl’s last name is pronounced (Me-dick). By the way, this post keeps on deleted from youtube. So we have to keep it reposted when you see this video:

Now look at this screen shot of the shooter’s alleged next door neighbor. The fake joke name they gave him is Adam Habona pronounced (Huh-bone-uh): No, we’re not kidding.

Now, look at the name of this so-called defense attorney in Parkland. That’s right, it’s Kisha Hebbone. Pronounced (He-Bone).

Okay, so far we have seen videos from a DAVID HOGG and reports from a newsman named PHIL MUDD….get it? More Illuminati mocking humor. HOGG IN MUDD…...Now we have a student named DELANEY TARR (below). You just can’t make this stuff up. Also, most high school girls are very particular about their look. These glasses are not likely what a high school student would wear.

Now, pay attention to what this witness (Sydney Fischer) does about at 30: mark. He uses the world “heartwrenching” with a big smile on his face. More “Duping Delight.” Would you smile during an interview if you just stepped over a dead body like he claimed? He doesn’t look like he’s (fighting back tears) to me. It looks to me like he’s trying not to laugh. And who describes a “dead Body” as “like a fish?”

Now for my academy award for the worst crisis actor ever! This goes to ex-FBI and Former CIA counterterrorism agent Phil Mudd who pretends break down as he tries to offer his analysis of the shooting He looks like he’s actually laughing and covers it up by pretending to cry and all without shedding a tear….UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Any one who studies human behavior will tell you right after a tragedy like this you are in shock followed by grief. BUT NO, NOT HERE, within hours the outcry is “Gun Control”. People don’t go on TV and call for gun control right after a tragedy and have a smile on your face. That just doesn’t happen unless that was part of the agenda and script all along.

I like the following commentary from Conspiracy Cafe:

The New World Order has commenced the spring mass shooting rampage season a tad early this year. We know the routine so well it’s just a matter of waiting and watching for the flaws in the script. They can involve violations of the laws of science, multiple shooters, crisis actors, or very poor facsimiles of wounds. The greatest faux pas was one of the deceased victims sitting on President Obama’s lap. This shooting is no different. As I scanned the various images one that popped out immediately was the subject Nicolas de Jesus Cruz has very red hair. In fact in the image above purporting to show his arrest it is clearly obvious the subject is wearing makeup. There is lipstick, eye liner and other makeup applied to the cheeks. I suppose a mass murderer would want to make a good appearance for the mass media exposure.

Looks like those nice people at the police department let him wash the red out of his hair for his mugshot:

In this shot (above) the light is shining into his hair like the top photo. There is no red tint at all. This subject is no wearing makeup. If this is the real Nicolas, we can wonder if he was held in a hospital while the shooting rampage was carried out. In the top photo where he is holding a pistol it has a red plug at the end of the barrel signifying it is a fake.

In short, this is just another created event designed to erode the Constitution and take away your freedoms by playing on your emotions. Repost this and share because the more people that know about this, the harder it will be for the Globalists to get away with these kinds of events.

Joe Monoco



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