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Yeshua answered and said to them, “Beware that no man will deceive you.”


Okay, unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard by now that President Donald Trump and Melania Trump have “allegedly” tested positive for the dreaded Covid-19 virus. Well, as you have probably guessed by now, it’s a bunch of B.S.

Before we get started, we want to point out what a joke this whole “Covid-19” farce is. Here are statistics put out by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). By their own admission, the fatality rate for this virus is ridiculously miniscule. Literally, your chances of dying by getting struck by lightening is greater! Look at these numbers and remember, this is why the World is shut down! They are throwing the absurdity of this whole charade right in you face by admitting you have almost no chance of dying from this “pandemic”. These are not fabricated numbers, this is a photocopy direct from the CDC website!!!! THE TRUTH IS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT!!!(click to enlarge)


Now what is interesting, this is this screen shot of Trump after he was “released” from the hospital. Something about his face doesn’t look right on his right side. It looks like they did something to his eye. The Illuminati are always doing some sort of ritual and many times people that are part of this show up in public with a black eye, usually the right eye. We are not sure what kind of ritual he went through but we can assure you it had nothing to do with any kind of “virus”.

The reports that Trump is taking all these experimental drugs is pure nonsense. They are still trying to convince the public that drugs and vaccines are the answer to this nonexistent “pandemic”. Also, don’t believe all the lies that there is not a vaccine developed….yet. They have had a vaccine in place all along that will be brought out at the right time. Don’t be surprised if Trump claims he wants to be the first to take this vaccine. It’s all a big mind game to slowly get people who are righteously against this vaccine to start warming up to the idea of it being a good thing. Make no mistake about it, this vaccine will be all about “tracking” you wherever you go and it will combine with and alter your DNA. If you don’t think Trump is “pro vaccine” listen to this clip of him promoting “Operation Warp speed” where he wants to enlist the military to distribute this vaccine.

Let us say that if you have been reading this website for awhile, you have probably noticed we don’t publish as many articles as we have in the past. The reason why is the Globalists who control this World’s system have become very redundant. Just like the Bible tells us “There is nothing new under the sun.” In over 100 articles spanning over 12 years we have covered relevant topics pertaining to the deception that is The New World Order. The Globalists/Illuminati keep recycling the same old tactics over and over again and thus we almost have to keep exposing the same lies just repackaged. For the most part, our readers know what is going on.

Donald Trump is an Occultist just like all World leaders are and is always flashing occult symbolism. He usually is flashing the Baphomet pyramid or triangle sign of “The enterer Horus”. Occultists use this when calling upon demonic spirts.

By the way, Prince who is another occult influencer knew about the vaccine back in 1996 as you can see here

All these people are big time occultists and communicate through signs and symbols:

These people are all in it together and the gullible public just eats it up just like dumb sheep who can’t tell they are being manipulated. If people can’t see this then there is something seriously wrong with their ability to discern the truth from a lie and what is reality and what is not. If that’s the case then your life is seriously handicapped for you and your children.

In the world of the Occult, they communicate to each other in signs and symbols. Trump is no different. Initiates understand but the general public does not.

Trump is an Illuminati grandmaster freemason and member of other secret societies including being trained by the Jesuit order. They all have secret handshakes indicating the initiates level:

Just like we have talked about in previous articles, the number 33 is sacred to the world of the Occult. In numerology “orange” gematria equals “33”. You’ll see the color orange many times in occult symbolism. It’s also why they put this unnatural orange tint to Trump’s face when you see him in public.

You can even see where Trump is colored orange artificially as they didn’t do a good job of blending it in here.

This article won’t be a long one, but we thought we had to say a few words about this latest scam concocted by the Elite about Donald Trump testing positive for the Corona Virus. If you haven’t read our previous article where we covered everything you need to know about the Covid-19 psy-op, please do so here: THE COVID-19 PSY-OP: HERE”S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW


Ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin. Trump and his wife conveniently “test positive” for the coronavirus 33 days before the election and 111 days after Trump’s birthday. Double 3 and triple 1 is all part of Gematria, aka the game of numbers the elite Freemasons are heavily involved in.


In 2015, a Forbes article was titled “Inside the Epic Fantasy That’s Driven Donald Trump for 33 Years”.

In March this year, CNN said, “Trump made 33 false claims about the coronavirus crisis in the first two weeks of March”. And in July, they reported that Trump enacted his 33rd use of the Defense Production Act.

In August, 33 US States Reject Trump Administration’s Covid Testing Guidelines – according to ndtv.com

On 24 September, USA News reported that “The president also announced that 33 million Medicare beneficiaries will in the coming weeks be receiving a card for $200 to help pay for prescription drugs.”

And five days ago, on 30 September, Donald Trump’s website posted “Correct the Record: Biden Makes 33 False or Misleading Claims at The Debate.”

Right before he tested positive for Covaids-19.

But don’t worry, he’s still in fine tweeting condition – even from his hospital bed.


Trump and the first lady contracting coronavirus was all planned to fall on 10/1/2020, buckle up this is only the beginning!

The Trump surname is an anglicized version of the German name Drumpf (he is of part Scottish and part German descent). Donald John Drumpf (his full name)

(BELOW). Trump doing his occult Baphomet pose, (As above so below) while holding up a Bible. Occultists will recognize this right away, but deceived Christians will think he is promoting the Bible. You have to understand how deception and signs and symbols work. This is blatant mockery:

To start with, as most of you have already figured out, Donald Trump is in on this whole deception. He is NOT “fighting the deep state”, he is NOT on the side of “We The People”. His administration is behind the whole “Q” deception. Donald Trump is an Illuminati backed Globalist. He always has been and always will be. He’s part of the “club”. Only gullible fools can’t see that.


Donald Trump is owned by some of the wealthiest bankers in the world. Many of them are based in Israel. He is owned 100% by the Rothschilds and their cohorts. That is the main reason he was told to sign the most recent peace accord with Israel. He didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart, he was ordered to do so. If you don’t know by now, U.S. Presidents take orders, they don’t give orders.

That said, it was a big game and charade that has sucked in most of the “religious right” into thinking he is some kind of renegade hero committed to taking down the “deep state”. Make no mistake about it, if he really was fighting the Globalists and was any threat to them at all, they would crush him like a grape. One man is no match for the Satanically lead Globalists. Not only is Trump not fighting the Deep State but he is part of it himself!


There are always bizarre plot twists to these scripted “news” events. They are claiming a woman who looks suspiciously like a transgender named Hope Hicks is the one who gave the virus to Trump. How they would come to this conclusion is anyone’s guess. (Below)

Multiple news outlets reported Thursday that Hicks tested positive after traveling to Ohio on Air Force One with the president for Tuesday’s first presidential debate. Hicks was with Trump as recently as Wednesday, when she traveled with the president for a Minnesota campaign rally.

This story just doesn’t add up and seems completely concocted. Who in the world is Hope Hicks? Has anyone ever heard of this person before now? She does have a limited history working in the White House since 2017 and was born in 1988 to Paul Hicks III and Caye Hicks. They are undoubtedly Illuminati parents who often transgender at least one of their children. But that’s another story for another time. Here’s a tweet from Trump putting this woman’s (or transgender’s) name out there before he and Melania supposedly tested positive.

But here we go again with the “not wearing a mask” vilification psy-op kicking in. Hopefully you can see where all this is going.

So, here’s how the game is played. The Global Elite marketed Trump as someone who wants to take down the Elite Bankers and protect our Constitution and give America back to “We The People”. That is just the opposite of the truth and what he really stands for. So even though there is a small group of people in America that know this “pandemic” isn’t real and is just a tool to establish a One World Government, Trump acts like he is on the side of these nonconformists and is fighting for our rights. While all of us know this mask wearing nonsense is just that, Trump acts like he is on board with the non-mask wearers as he himself rarely wears one.

Then what happens? Now it is reported that Trump himself has come down with the dreaded virus, so now it looks like all of us who know this mask wearing charade is a big lie, were all wrong. Do you see how this dog and pony show works? This was planned from the beginning and most Americans have bought into this hook line and sinker. Now all the idiotic mask wearing mandates will carry more teeth because it looks like the Commander in Chief himself has come down with it. It’s also designed for his followers who were largely against the vaccine, to change their minds and get vaccinated. After all, since their guy now has the “virus”, maybe they should in fact take the vaccination. This is just a big media circus that most everyone is falling for.

Make no mistake about it. Trump did not come down with any kind of virus. Trump is a trojan horse that is part of the plan to take down America and establish a Globalist system. Trump is playing the part of the pied piper leading the naive and gullible followers down the path to their destruction. It should be very obvious.

Let’s be real here. If this “virus pandemic” was real…and it is not…but if it was and Trump actually came down with it, it would be easy for him and his aides to cover it up and hide this information as to not cause a panic. If this was a real event, we would never have known about him coming down with any kind of virus. But that didn’t happen because they wanted this information out to further push this whole pandemic nonsense.

Once again, THIS WHOLE THING IS A SCRIPTED ACT! DON’T FALL FOR IT! Donald Trump is part of this game so don’t be deceived like those that blindly support and follow this guy.

Remember, Both parties are owned and operated by the same ultra rich Globalist controllers! Don’t be suckered into the “Left vs Right” divide and conquer game.


Just to show you that these people are all in it together and the whole “left vs right” charade is just a staged show. Remember when Trump was debating Hillary Clinton and he told her she should go to jail? Well, when he was inaugurated, he goes out of his way to honor Bill and Hillary and actually leads the applause! Once again these people are not enemies! They are all in it together! Don’t let them fool you!

Still not convinced Trump plays both ends against the middle? Let’s listen to Trump again sing the praises of Bill and Hillary Clinton:

Just to be clear, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Bush are all Globalist puppets just like Trump. All U.S. Presidents are “Selected” and not Elected. They all are controlled by the same Illuminati factions. There are no exceptions to this. (Below) Trump always flashing the 666 sign

Finally, do you know what “MAGA” means in the world of the Occult?

That’s right, you don’t have to take our word for it, to your own research into this:

(Below) We are not sure if there is any significance to this or not as to what is going on now, but as we well know, predictive programming happens regularly in motion pictures. Here in the movie “Back to the future” from 1985, there is a clear prediction of the tragedy of 9/11 as you can see the “9” in the upper left hand corner with the “11” in the street in flames.

The reason we bring this up is because In that same movie, there is the clock tower that looks eerily similar to the While House with the clock at 10:04 and at that number the “white house” is destroyed. Does that signal some event on October 4th (10/04) or does it carry another meaning? We’ll just have to wait and see but most likely it is signaling some scripted event in the future. So, watch for those numbers to surround a world changing future event.

Counting down to the election. Expect the unexpected. Something very strange and sinister is going on in the world right now. These times are unprecedented. This election will not go off as normal assuming it goes on at all. There has been a new form of evil influence that has been unleashed on the planet from the Powers and Principalities that are manipulating world events. There are all kinds of predictive signs that something diabolical will happen soon that no one is expecting….so be ready.


Somehow, Trump has been able to successfully deceive the Christian community into thinking he is a Christian man of faith. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He also says he doesn’t need to ask God for forgiveness because he tries to “do the right things” and he gives to charity. But I’m curious how talking about your newborn daughters breasts or laughing and admitting on tape that you’re a sexual predator, or REPEATEDLY talking about your daughter in a sexual manner is considered righteous and moral? If anyone else did these and said those things, the right would be alllllll over it. Just to be clear, the “Left” and “Right” are both controlled by the same Illuminati bankers.

Although Trump and Ivanka converted to Judaism, what they practice is Kabbalah and the satanic/mysticism side of Kabbalah. True kabbalah is satanic in nature, and the sector that all these psychopaths follow is as well. Trump is a Kabbalist. He even talks about his Kabbalah teacher in his book “The Way To the Top.” Marla Maples, his ex is a Kabbalist. Ivanka and Jared are Kabbalists. As are Madonna, Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, and many other celebrities, Kabbalah is the celebrity “religion” of choice. This is why he does EVERYTHING for Israel. This is not to be confused with the Israelites spoken of in the Bible. They use the protection of Judaism to hide under, but even Orthodox Jews denounce this extreme Zionism.

This is also why he signed several Anti Semitism EO’s and bills and is championed as the “greatest friend to Israel”. It’s also why Mike Pompeo just came out with a multitude of Israel tweets and reiterated that anti Zionism is anti semitic. It’s also why the definition includes: “Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective, such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institution.” Because THIS is what they’re trying to silence. Sadly, it’s not about protecting the REAL Jewish people. It’s about making sure NO ONE dares talk about the Luciferian Zionists running this world.

I have way too much information complied to fit in this post, but I will add all my slides into my Facebook stories if you’d like to learn more. Deception is the enemy’s greatest weapon and deceiver was the role Trump was given to play. I’ve spent countless hours learning the truth about him and once you truly dig into who he really is, there is no disputing where his allegiances lie. His role was to DECEIVE and it’s worked like a charm. Everything you see unfolding right now is an act. Both sides are controlled by the same rulers. The left/right is a false paradigm. Created by them to distract and divide, when in reality they are two heads of the same evil snake. Each side has a role to play and they play it well.

Trump was chosen specifically to play a role and he’s acted it out well. He has been in bed with the globalists his entire life. His relationship with the Rothschilds, Soros and Kissinger span decades. If the deep state hate him so much why did he invite the Clintons to his wedding? Why did he donate to the Clinton foundation? Why did he take millions from George Soros to fund two of his towers? Why did he take a multi million dollar bailout from the Rothschilds and then turn around and appoint Wilbur Ross as sec of commerce. Yes, the same Wilbur Ross who ran the Rothschilds bankruptcy practice for 30 years. Why was he, Ivanka and Jared ALL registered Democrats? Ivanka and Jared JUST changed parties before his 2016 campaign. Why did he attend TWO Jesuit colleges?

Why does he invest in Blackstone and Blackrock, who are, amongst MANY things part of the WEF and are in bed with China? Why did he appoint Stephan Schwarzman (a skull and bones member) and Laurence Fink, CEO’s of Blackstone and Blackrock to his advisory boards? Why did he appoint Steve Mnunchin, a Goldman Sachs guy, skull and bones member and big Hollywood investor to treasury? His ENTIRE cabinet are globalists. Why was Jared Kushner at Bilderberg this year?? Why did he allow Blackrock to take over the Fed in March? Research Schwarzman scholars. As for looking at his family? Ivanka, Marla, Jared and Trump are known Kabbalists. Why does he have the Kabbalah tree of life hanging in his office? Why do we give Israel $10M a day and he just approved the last “stimulus” that gave them another $500m. Why does his Scottish golf club crest have the freemason logo?

Why has he furthered A.I. and 5/6 G more than any other president? Why did he sign yet ANOTHER A.I. CEO? Why did he make the NSCAI (National security commission on artificial intelligence) permanent. This is the commission that consists of google, amazon, In-Q-tel and Microsoft (aka the swamp he is supposedly draining). A.I. and the 5/6/7G grid is the most integral part of the Great Reset and the technocratic state. The reason is that It is ESSENTIAL to completing transhumanism.

Why did he sign EO 13887 in September of 2019 two months before Covid was unleashed on the world that talked specifically about the governments need to fast track a vaccine in case of a pandemic? EO 13887 is what laid the foundation for warp speed and the first ever mRNA vaccine. Why did he spearhead Warp Speed and push Bill Gates/pharmaceuticals DNA altering vaccine on America? I could go on and on.

He plays this role because they needed the patriots to be deceived for their plan to work. They know that most people ain’t ever gonna rise up but deceived patriots WOULD if they felt the need. That’s why he was chosen over Hillary. Too many were already aware of her corrupt vile ways. But if you can fool enough of the patriots to believe they have someone fighting for them on the inside, then they’ll endure almost any loss of freedom whilst waiting for their savior to come rescue them. If you convince enough people you’re draining the swamp they’ll sit back while humanity is completely dismantled. The swamp hasn’t been drained, in fact the only thing he’s ever done was help the swamp members get richer, and cement their hold and control of the world.

I wonder why people believe the globalists rigged the election this year ,but not in 2016??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣They don’t even allow anyone to be in contention for POTUS that isn’t on their team. Presidents are SELECTED, not elected.

People want hope. Especially now. They want a light at the end of the tunnel and Trump is that for the right. Most of his fan base have no idea of his true allegiances, and put blind trust and faith into him because he represents the outcome they so desperately desire, the dismantling of the deep state. It’s why they won’t even LOOK into the truth about him… or they’ll excuse and justify his every action, because man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true. And it is MUCH easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled.

The “fall of the Cabal” is simply giving rise to the fully technocratic state…. which is the end goal for the globalists, and Trump has done NOTHING but further that agenda. We hold the power to end this. But we need everyone to break free from the deception, on both sides of the false political paradigm.

If you want more information on who Donald Trump really is, you can read more here:




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  1. Deborah wrote on 10/19/2020 10:00 PM

    If Trump is Illuminati too then there is no hope for this country. We are all screwed. Is this what you are saying?

  2. Joe Monoco wrote on 10/20/2020 12:35 AM

    No, we are not necessarily saying the nation is screwed, unless you are putting all of your hope and faith in electing corrupt politicians to save us, if that's it, then we are screwed. But to answer your question, yes, Trump is absolutely positively an Illuminati controlled Globalist playing the part of being opposed to them. It's the oldest trick in the book to divide and conquer the people and unfortunately, too many people have fallen for it.

  3. Seffy wrote on 02/04/2021 10:28 PM

    The establishment is in-fighting and has been for a few years already... Trump is owned by the Rothschild faction (Israel and the Jewish side) who seem to be against the depopulation agenda or maybe fought with the eugenics about Israel's place post "great reset". Rockefeller Jr controls the eugenicist side, which is more hellbent on depopulation then Zionism... His side is much bigger and more influential, much wealthier. A Rothschild got killed few weeks ago in Europe, media stated a "heart attack". Not safe to be a Rothschild right now it seems in EU or in the US. The establishment is losing it's grip on the world really fast, long are the days of Rockefeller Sr deciding policies for the world through Mark Hanna, the establishment is much weaker now then it's ever been. I think the depopulation agenda is so disturbed, that some got put off by it. I can provide a long detailed post about the new factions being formed globally but another time maybe. Keep up the good work!

  4. Jean F Sutton wrote on 05/15/2021 12:16 PM

    Trump did so many great things as president it's difficult to believe he's everything I just read. However, I am 100% against the vaccine and because Trump is pushing it I believe something is not right about him. He's a smart man and should know the vaccine is not right. I'm listening to scientists who explain what's in it and although I'm a person with just average intelligence I can see it's bad. Also, I will not take it because aborted fetuses are used in it (all but one I believe.) If Trump was a pro-life president he would know this. ~~ (EDITOR) Thanks for the comment. You are right in the fact something wasn't right about Trump. The fact is ALL U.S. Presidents are controlled by the Globalists including Trump. He didn't do any good things while he was in office except expand the New World Order agenda and he handed the baton off to Biden to continue the vaccine and globalist deception. Trump had a lot of people deceived.

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