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If you know anything about golf, you know what an extremely difficult sport it is to play, much less dominate for over two decades. For Tiger, he’s beyond good, he’s beyond great. He was so good, it was getting a little weird. The shots he makes at the times he makes them is almost supernatural. Even the announcers are dumbfounded as to the miraculous shots he pulls of so consistently. No doubt Tiger works as hard as anyone in the game..and then some. But that said, there’s something else going on here that’s beyond “good”. Watch this short video and you’ll see what we mean.

Funny how even the producers of “Married with Children” saw something was a little strange with Tiger. He was a little “too good”, okay maybe he was A LOT too good. In this clip from the episode where Al Bundy sells his soul to the devil to play football for the Chicago Bears, he wants his soul back like Tiger Woods and Al Bundy is surprised to learn that Tiger sold his soul too. To where the devil says…well just watch the clip.

In addition to an extremely hard ethic and grueling practice sessions, Tiger clearly is gifted with something else no one else has nor has ever had before him. What else may have gone into Tiger’s almost having supernatural abilities? We’ll look into some strange circumstances with single car accidents and other bizarre incidents as well as what looks to be some MK-ULTRA programming techniques used in the military and we all know Tigers father, Earl was a Green Beret.



It was reported that Tigers Genesis SUV rolled over several times. But here as the vehicle is being towed away, the roof doesn’t have a scratch on it. This vehicle definitely has not rolled over.

Before we get into the below article which was published the last time Tiger Woods was involved in a suspicious “accident” years ago, we want to do an update on the most recent “accident” involving Tiger Woods that just doesn’t seem to add up. How in the world could this have happened? If he was distracted by a cell phone, that first curb would have got his attention as he crossed over to on coming traffic (which there was none). If he dozed off that first curb would have woke him up as well. Here’s the kicker, the police found no skid marks and no attempt to brake. Also strange that at 7:12 in the morning that there were no other cars there to contend with. Let’s also keep in mind, this is the third single car crash he has been involved in…

Witnesses statements don’t jibe with the photos taken of Woods shortly after he left the hotel.

One thing that gives this thing away as suspicious is many times witnesses in these situations say things that don’t seem to add up. Here they are trying to form a false narrative by saying Woods seemed “impatient” and “agitated” (above). That completely does not line up with the photo below from the hotel he was staying in. Does Woods look impatient or agitated to you? Absolutely not! He looks very normal and there looks to be nothing wrong, nor is he in any kind of hurry.

Even though the Sheriff’s dept. said Woods might have been “asleep” there is no evidence of any such thing in the above picture of him just before the crash. He looks to be wide awake and completely normal and even took time to smile and pose for this picture. Woods rolled the Genesis GV80 at 7:12am on 2/23 less than 15 minutes after driving out of the Terranea Resort in Ranchos Palos Verdes. What is interesting is Woods says he doesn’t remember the crash and doesn’t even remember driving. Is this because he may have hit his head or is it something else other than what is being reported?

(Above) For those people who think Tiger was “impaired” or “asleep” this photo of him just before leaving his hotel before the crash shows that he seems to be quite awake and under no substances that would impair his judgement: (We can’t confirm this picture was taken just before the accident, but it had to have been taken sometime during this tournament because this is the crash vehicle).

But here is a statement released by the Sheriff saying Tiger “inadvertently” hit the accelerator at 99% instead of the brake. Anyone believe that?

What makes more sense, that he “accidentally” hit the accelerator or was there something wrong with his brakes? Most likely sabotage?

And here is something else that is VERY suspicious and sinister:


The last time Tiger was in a single car accident was in Florida in 2017 where he had painkillers, sleep drugs and an ingredient active in marijuana in his body when Florida police arrested him in May of that year, a newly released toxicology report shows.

The report says the five different drugs that were traced in his system were: Hydrocodone, an opioid pain medication; Hydromorphone, another type of painkiller; Alprazolam, an anxiety drug also under the brand name Xanax; Zolpidem, a sleep drug also under the brand name Ambien; and Delta-9 carboxy THC, which is found in marijuana. However, this time in 2021, the Palos Verdes police didn’t test Woods for any substances in his system.


In 2015 woods showed up missing a tooth and the story was a cameraman backed into him and knocked it out. What? Why would a cameraman have is back to woods? Who was this cameraman? Why has no one ever come forth to address this? Why is there no footage of this alleged incident? When woods shows up, there are always cameras pointed at him yet this incident goes unrecorded. Very strange indeed.

While it may be awhile before we are able to answer some of these most recent questions, some of the answers may be contained in the below article which was published the last time he had a “single car accident” several years ago.


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If you are inclined to look at the whole Tiger Woods drama at face value, you might miss a possible explanation hidden a few layers below the surface. I’ve watched Tiger’s career with awe as he seems to play with an almost “other worldly” talent. He has dominated a sport over the last 13 years that doesn’t especially lend itself to the kind of strangle hold control Tiger has had on the PGA tour. He’s almost too good. His golf talent is undeniable and defies logic, statistics and odds. But now, it seems like another side of Tiger is showing itself, a side of Tiger Woods no one knew existed—not even his caddie and best man at his wedding, Steve Williams. Tiger has an alter personality if you will. But the odd thing is, how suddenly this happened. We have never seen the likes of it before. To watch a person of such magnitude, free fall in the period of two weeks. It’s almost like it was planned in advance.


Is there something else going on? If so, what? A lot of the Tiger Woods debacle doesn’t add up. When he ran his SUV into a tree outside his property, witnesses say he was laying in the street “snoring”. That could be an indication of some kind of mind control programming. I can’t help but wonder if Tiger was coming out of some mind controlled trance. Now, Look at this picture from inside his SUV after the crash. What in the world is going on here? Why in the world would his seatbelt be tied to the steering wheel like this? This had to have been like this BEFORE he got into the SUV and started driving.

Tiger Woods’ disassociated states, and memory loss seem to be part of a specific operation to sensationally disgrace himself.

In regards to the facts and events surrounding Tiger’s infamous auto accident, a lot of strange and odd things don’t add up or make any sense. Immediately after the car crash, a neighbor reported that Tiger was barefoot, asleep and snoring on the ground at the car.

Reportedly, Tiger was in and out of consciousness, going in and out of a disassociated state. Tiger clearly appeared to be under the influence of something, a post hypnotic state? At the hospital, doctors even had to use a breathing tube to assist Tiger’s respiration, which is very odd and an extremely strange reaction to a minor traffic accident.

Even PGA commentator Johnny Miller, referred to Woods as having been “programmed” by his father. We know what a control his parents have had on him. Even the fact he always wears the color red on Sundays came from his mother because she said red was his “power” color. While we don’t know if all the women associated with Tigers affairs are all telling the truth, it is interesting that one described him as “cold and heartless”.

We ran across this article by Paul A Drockton M.A.where you can read at:

Tiger Woods and MK-ULTRA

We don’t necessarily agree with everything in the above article by Drockton. We want to post it because it is important to look out side the box so we put excerpts from it below. It’s important to always try to discover reasons “why”. It’s important in this day and age not to take things at face value but to look for hidden agendas and hidden meanings. If you want to know more about Mind Control in it’s most disturbing and ugly form after you read this article, please visit:


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiger Woods, Professional Athletes and MK Ultra

As we read the sordid details of Tiger Woods personal life, the question raises its ugly head: How could a man with so much going for him outwardly, be such a mess inwardly?

Marital fidelity and family life mean nothing to the Illuminati Satanists that are actively manipulating our world. In fact, they are diametrically opposed to family and community. Instead, they adhere to Socrates sexual fantasies expressed in his discussions about “Communism”.

You see, marital fidelity and family mean nothing to the Global Elite. They sexually abuse their own children. They sexually abuse the children of other Illuminati families. In fact, raising a MK Ultra sex slave is purely a matter of business to these psychopaths. Just ask those who investigated the Jon Benet murder mystery.

“Despite the neo-Nazi nuance, Yeager and Knoke were positively certain that JonBenet’s mother forged the kidnap letter. “Our conclusion,” Yeager offered, “is that you are investigating a child’s murder with ritualistic overtones. Strangulation and sexual assault are most commonly seen in sadomasochism between heterosexual and homosexual adults….

Was it because of the ritual, sexual abuse being perpetrated upon her – was it because of the child-porn ring being run out of Denver in which child ‘Models’ were being used for sexual favors and of which Jonbenet was one of those ‘Models’ or is it that Patsy simply could not stand the competition – on the stage and at home and therefore she (JonBenet) must be sacrificed for her (Patsy’s) ‘sins’?”

If they are nothing else, the Illuminati are materialists. People are objects that need to be controlled. Evil is incapable of love and becomes numb to physical pleasures over time. The brain is a funny thing, when you block out love and compassion, you end up blocking out every other human emotion. In the end, all you are is machine, incapable of feelings and lusting after more power, more energy without consideration for the consequences.


From 2008

Tiger Woods, it is reported, was raised through the MK Ultra program. J. Lee said the following:

“Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods is a manufactured product of Pentagon MK-ULTRA mind control. I was told this by a pro golfer while we were at an aircraft factory in Oregon hand-building our own personal jet aircraft.

Baby Tiger’s colonel Green Beret Special Forces Vietnam daddy hired a military drill instructor to scream at him while putting and swinging. “Tiger’s” parents ancestry is from Communist China as well as Thailand, home of Manchurian Candidates, so “Tiger” is only 1/4 black. “Tiger” is a Buddhist who “studied” with monks at monastaries in [Communist] Asia. Since his mommy is a Thai citizen, “Tiger” is a citizen of Communist Thailand. “Tiger” is named for a South Vietnamese army officer who assassinated 50,000 South Vietnamese government employees who opposed the Communists of the New World Order (Phoenix Program).

People in the know say Tiger was always was a womanizer. However, the sponsors that he represented wanted him to be portrayed as a family man. So his marriage may have been arranged. His father was a Vietnam vet and his mother, Kultida, who is from Thailand was most likely a prostitute. His dad was notoriously unfaithful too. Now, the father of Tiger Woods, Earl Woods, did become a Lieutenant Colonel in the US military.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In 2022, Tiger Woods was inducted into Golf’s Hall of Fame. He talked about his father having to put a second mortgage on the house to allow Tiger to play golf, practice and go to golf tournaments. He spoke like money was extremely tight and huge sacrifices had to be made on his behalf. Tiger’s father, Earl, Was a fairly high ranking officer in the military, so they really shouldn’t have been hurting for money that bad to have to take those extreme measures.

— Woods senior did two tours of Vietnam as a Green Beret. Earl did bring home Kultida from his Vietnam tours. And Kultida, a woman barely mentioned in two books written by Earl Woods, is the mother of the worlds most famous athlete, so many are interested in learning about who is the mother of Tiger.

Why is there almost nothing written about Kultida, except Earl Woods met her while on one of his two tours in Vietnam? Search any search engine now and see how little information there is on Kultida Woods.

No doubt some questions people would like to have asked Earl before his death are:

1. In what country did Earl Woods first meet Kultida the mother of Tiger Woods?

2. Was Earl Woods still married at the time to the mother of his first three children?

3. What was the setting or place where you first met Kultida?

3. Is it true Kultida was a prostitute before you married her?

4. Now if Earl did meet Kultida in Vietnam, one needs to ask, why was a young Thai woman in Vietnam?

5. If Earl met Kultida in Thailand, one needs to ask why was a Green Beret on a tour of Vietnam in Thailand?

The Christian Science Monitor stated, that during the Vietnam war, any Thai woman even seen with a US serviceman, would have been considered a prostitute! Needless to say, there is an air of truth about this, but it’s still speculation at this point…..

“Tiger” first played golf at age 3 on the Bob Hope (Mike Douglas) TV Show (BELOW). Bob Hope is a notorious MK-ULTRA programmer and pedophile CIA sexslave handler. Bob Hope is purported to be what is called a “handler”, something like the puppet master that pulls the strings. He is also reputed to have been a closet pedophile along with George Bush, and actually introduced a three year old Tiger Woods as a golfing prodigy along with his father on the Michael Douglas show back in the day. If you saw the whole clip, Tiger is clearly nervous and keeps playing with his ear. Fast forward to 2:49 and see for yourself below:

It’s not just steroids folks, or nutrition. No matter what body you possess, you are still governed by a mind. The Illuminati, through “Delta Programming” can dramatically enhance the mental game of an athlete through trauma based programming. According to Svali, this type of “brain-wave programming” creates an emotionless alter personality(s) that have photographic memories

Delta Programming was perfected by the NAZIS as military programming. It is also part of the military training for many of those in our Special Forces:

The army is moving toward becoming an occult fighting force that practices witchcraft with its warfare. Some of the units moving that direction are Psy-Op operations, which has included Satanists within its officers. The Delta Force network of various Generals and other high ranking officers is merely one facet of the drive by the Illuminati to transform the American army into something akin to occultic warriors that will be as fierce as the Nazi Death head units. Bear in mind that George Bush, commander-in-chief of Burn’s Armed Forces has come from an Illuminati family/ & the Illuminati Skull & Bones chapter that was part of the secret support for Hitler. They have been using as an insignia that they themselves (the Skull & Boners) call “the Death Head”….Torture is required by MK-ULTRA as to create multiple personalities, often on military bases, as proven in the Franklin Cover-up. (ibid)

Military units such as the “First Earth Battalion although they are supported by American tax dollars are not here to protect America. They are global minded. They are here to protect an occult world government. They are out there actively promoting the New World Order. Several years ago, Egendorf states that $4.5 million (which came from you and I, and other Americans) had already been spent on Delta Force’s 80 different projects. The Green Berets is another organization that has been heavily targeted by the Satanists, to indoctrinate and recruit. The Green Berets are increasingly moving toward being warrior-monk group. Many of them are now programmed multiples.

“Super Athletes”, like Tiger Woods, are created in the same fashion, using the same programming that has been perfected by the military. The difference is that they focus on specific skills necessary for them to reach the top of the preselected Sport that they participate in.

The trauma inflicted during programming causes “alter” personalities to emerge. These alters are then programmed to make cold hard preset decisions, like a computer script, that are not influenced by the environment. Where as the average human feels intimidated by large crowds; influenced by emotions; and has a difficult time keeping their focus, the Illuminati Mind Controlled Athlete and his/her alter personalities don’t share these weaknesses.

Thus, Tiger Woods can execute the same “programmed” sequence each and every time he addresses the ball with amazingly consistent results. More machine than man, he shows no emotion other than the one he is supposed to express according to his preprogrammed scripting. (Although this has dramatically changed in the last few years), It goes something like this:

Shot:= 420 Yards to the Flag on the green.

Scripted programming: Use a 3 wood at x angle with y velocity. Set tee at inches. Smile and Wave to crowd. Take shot. Hand club to caddy.

Every variable is addressed and every possible outcome is also programmed within the individual, as well as their response to that outcome. For Example:

Ball position = 40 yards to the left of the “pin” in sand.

Scripted Programming: Use sand wedge at x angle with y velocity. Hit ball __ inches below the sand. Take hat off to crowd.

I believe that, in Tiger Wood’s case, he could have been programmed using “virtual reality” golf courses on the PGA tour.

The profit motive should be pretty clear here. The Illuminati “handler” passes the huge “paydays” up to the Illuminati “investor”. The athlete himself or herself, is given enough resources to maintain the appearance of tremendous wealth. In the end, these trappings of wealth are taken away and given to another.

In my opinion, Tiger Woods has reached the magical age where his programming is probably breaking down and cannot be repaired. Thus the Illuminati create a way for his exit that is both instructive and banal.

Could this be what all the “single car accidents” were all about?

We will then be propagandized by the Illuminati media to believe that such behavior is easily “forgivable”. That Tiger’s other amazing attributes (primarily his ability to play golf) have brought much happiness and joy into the hearts of mankind. The Illuminati late night comedians will further desensitize us with vulgar skits that tell us how much of a “stud” Tiger really is.

Then its on to the next Illuminati controlled Sporting event folks!

Let’s look at a short video where tiger talks about “Blacking Out” and not having memory for long periods of time:

Posted by Paul A Drockton M.A. at 5:53 AM 6 comments Links to this post Labels: Delta Force, Illuminati, mind-programming, Nazis, performance enhancement, professional athletes, steroids, Tiger Woods *

Here’s more thoughts we’ll post from TIGER WOODS, AN MK ULTRA RITUALLY ABUSED VICTIM at Mindcontrolblackassassins.com. This article may be well worth your time to read although we cannot verify the accuracy in all aspects so take what you will from it.


Tiger Woods’ image and personality that is being exposed today is so vastly different than the public image that we have been inoculated with. It is so drastically different that it suggests that Tiger had been artificially implanted with alternative personalities like a classic Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

That brings up another interesting question. Can the military-industrial-medical complex artificially create perfect athletes as test subjects to create the super soldier that Reichsfurhrer Heinrich Himmler had sought? Is it too incredible to believe?

Tiger’s father, Earl, had always expressed some extremely loathly, incredible and bizarre expectations for his son as if Tiger had been preordained and fated for superstar greatness by some extraordinary and abnormal means. Earl’s expressions about the potential of Tiger were much-much more than a puff and boast.


In 2000, Earl Woods, “Tiger will do more than any other man in history to change the course of humanity. … He is the Chosen One. He’ll have the power to impact nations. Not people. Nations.”


Earl Woods, “Please forgive me…but sometimes I get very emotional…when I talk about my son…. My heart…fills with so…much…joy…when I realize…that this young man…is going to be able…to help so many people…. He will transcend this game…and bring to the world…a humanitarianism…which has never been known before. The world will be a better place to live in…by virtue of his existence…and his presence…. I acknowledge only a small part in that…in that I know that I was personally selected by God himself…to nurture this young man…and bring him to the point where he can make his contribution to humanity…. This is my treasure…. Please accept it…and use it wisely…. Thank you.”


Earl Woods, “Tiger will win because of God’s mind. Can’t you see the pattern? Can’t you see the signs? “Tiger will do more than any other man in history to change the course of humanity…” Tiger implanted with “God’s Mind”, very, very interesting.

Earl Wood’s reference to Tiger being implanted with “God’s Mind” is an important clue in understanding Tiger’s programming in that he has a “God” alter personality programmed to rule over his mind, personality, and body.

“God’s Mind” is an important essential alter in his programming. What God had chosen Earl Woods to sire a super human species? What Godly mind? The military-industrial-medical-congressional complex!

In most cases, Tiger was in his father’s presence when he made most of the almost divine, mystic yet bizarre prophesies about him. What did Tiger do or say? Nothing. Absolutely nothing like a programmed helpless android.

The military-industrial-medical complex has had the technology to create “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” multiple personality victims for decades. Tiger is a bloodline generational military-industrial mind control casualty just like the underwear bomber, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and most of what you have been exposed to from Hollywood. Tiger is most likely a MK ULTRA super athlete experiment, which is the result of what you see, a trauma based induced multiple, a classic CIA/MK ULTRA “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” victim of governmental abuse.

Determined that Tiger should be mentally strong enough to support his talent, Earl Woods gave him tapes with such subliminal messages as “My will moves mountains”. To accustom the boy to distractions he would drop a golf bag in the middle of his swing. Tiger was also indoctrinated very early in the demands of celebrity, appearing aged three on the Mike Douglas Show with Bob Hope and James Stewart.


A retired Army lieutenant colonel, Earl Woods served with the Green Berets during the Vietnam War and said he used prisoner-of-war interrogation techniques to sharpen his son’s focus on the game. This included dropping golf clubs to break his son’s concentration in the middle of a swing or shouting obscenities.

“He’d stop, turn around and grit his teeth,” Col. Woods told People magazine. “I’d say, ‘Are you posing or are you going to play? Why don’t you play the game and stop being the little pretty boy.’ ”

He said he began to back off when his son was hardened to his satisfaction and then encouraged him to be “a good person,” not just a star golfer.

“I tried to break him down mentally, tried to intimidate him verbally, by saying, ‘Water on the right, OB on the left,’ just before his downswing,” [Earl] Woods once said in an AP interview. “He [Tiger] would look at me with the most evil look, but he wasn’t permitted to say anything. That’s the frustration. He couldn’t say a word, but he always had an escape word. He never used it.

An “escape word” would be the equivalent of Tiger saying “uncle” to indicate he couldn’t take the abusive training anymore. This is a military term. It’s the sort of thing that would be used in special forces training when they are subjected to torture techniques like waterboarding. It would be a signal that they couldn’t handle it anymore and for their trainer to stop. This indicates that Tiger’s dad was subjecting his son to some pretty cruel treatment.

One day I did all my tricks, and he looked at me and smiled,” Woods said. “At the end of the round, I told him, ‘Tiger, you’ve completed the training.’ And I made him a promise. ‘You’ll never run into another person as mentally tough as you.’__


Now, we are not saying that Earl Woods didn’t love his Son, all we are suggesting is that if many of the things in the above article are in fact true and if this is what it took to create an almost super human golfer and if all these bizarre instances are somehow all related…..was it worth it? All this by no means is saying Tiger is a bad person. He seems to be a good father to his children. As a matter of fact, he seems to be more of a victim in all this. The question once again is if all these bizarre circumstances that seems to surround Tiger wherever he goes are all related to his “programming” to be the world’s best golfer…....was it worth it?

We’ll probably never know the truth of just what kind of training techniques Earl used or the lasting effects it had on his son. But we know it most likely would have been child abuse by standards of this day. However we just might have seen the consequences that never had to happen if Tiger was raised without his “military training” and MK-ULTRA techniques in attaining these achievements. Was it all worth it in the end? The only one who can say for sure and the only one who can answer that question….is Tiger.

NOTE: Usually on this site, we stick to World events and World leaders because they are the ones leading people astray and are following their Lucerferion agenda. So this article on Tiger is a little off the grid. Why? Because Tiger Woods isn’t our enemy. He’s not on a quest leading the World astray. He’s just playing the best Golf he knows how and his personal life really is his own business. It’s just that when you are the best golfer that ever lived, you will attract a certain amount of attention. What Tiger Woods does shouldn’t be relevant to people of the World along where the World is headed. But there are some very strange occurrences surrounding the greatest player the game of World has ever known that we thought was worth the time to talk about.


By Joe Monoco



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    excellent post! "in the end times, knowledge will be increased" Daniel 12:4 -- it's truly fascinating to be alive to witness the prophecies of old unfold before our eyes -- see my post re: Tiger and the Mob, Zionist, Vegas connection (especially the first TigerSlut Rachel Uchitel) http://intheknow7.wordpress.com/2009/12/30/tigersluts-vegas-connection/

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